Happy Thanksgiving!

Golden Roasted TurkeyHere's wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


How to Brine a Turkey

A generous sprinkle of salt and pepper and a brush of butter are delicious and may be all you desire on your turkey. Many of us like to take it a step further to ensure a memorable flavor. Brining is an easy way to do just that. .



Enjoy the Holidays: 5 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

Simple strategies to help make the holidays a little bit healthier, a little less hectic and a lot more enjoyable.

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Heading over the river and through the woods for the holidays? Try our favorite healthy snack ideas to keep you fueled up on your road trip.

Dish Up Something Delicious with Thanksgiving Leftovers

When it comes to Thanksgiving, my family’s creed is “The more the merrier!” We’re not just talking about guests here – we mean the food! Turkey Day leftovers, from a classic turkey sandwich to mashed potato fritters, are a big part of our holiday enjoyment.

Do you love reliving the Thanksgiving meal just as much as we do? Or are you dreading the stacks of reusable containers filling your fridge on Thursday night? Either way, there are plenty of ways to enjoy those leftovers without making your plate look like another pass at the buffet table.


Happy Days Are Here Again With Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is the Richie Cunningham of wine. It’s fun-loving, social, complementary – a true family and friends kind of wine. Yup, this is a wine you can proudly bring home to Mom.

12 Side Dishes to Steal the Show

The turkey might get all the attention for Thanksgiving, but I’d much rather fill my plate with a variety of amazing sides. After all, isn’t part of the point of a Thanksgiving banquet to taste as many dishes as possible, from Grandma Ruth’s cherished sweet potatoes to your foodie cousin’s new twist on stuffing?

If you’re looking for some stunning sides to round out your holiday table, we’ve got lots of options. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Tasty Cheats for the Harried Host

With a toddler, a newborn and a to-do list as long as Santa’s elf assembly line, shortcuts go a long way with me during the holidays. I’m especially looking to cut down my work in the kitchen without sacrificing quality or adding unnecessary costs

Simple Tips for Traveling with Kids

airportPicture the perfect holiday, surrounded by your most cherished family members in cozy homes filled with joy, celebration and good tidings as adults laugh, children play and treasured memories are created.

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays don’t have to send your eating habits haywire – check out our tips for staying health-focused this holiday season.


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