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Smiling Hara Tempeh

Originating in Indonesia, tempeh (say, “TEM-pay”) is traditionally made through a natural culturing and incubation process that binds soybeans together in a cake form. It’s become increasingly popular in the US over the last several years. 


Quinn Reinvents Microwave Popcorn

Kristy and Coulter Lewis developed a “Pure Pop” bag made from recycled and compostable paper for their mom and pop popcorn business. Learn about other upgrades to their microwave snack.

Pork Newsflash!

Have you heard? Thompson Farms has achieved a 5+ rating through the Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating System!

Local Producer: Firefly Kitchens

Our local forager in the Pacific Northwest, Denise Breyley, shares the story behind Firefly Kitchens’ naturally fermented foods and how their Local Producer Loan helps grow their business.

Local Producer: Buchi Kombucha

Two moms from Asheville, NC shared a common interest in brewing kombucha. They combined their talents and Buchi was born. Learn more about this Local Producer Loan recipient.

A Visit With the Big Cheese at Vermont's Jasper Hill Cellars

While brothers Meteo and Andy Kehler were milking their own Ayershire cows to make cheese for Jasper Hill, they realized they might be able to help local farmers do the same thing.

The Good On Ya Bar

Learn how Local Producer Loan Recipient Good On Ya uses their “Every Ingredient Matters” motto to guide them in creating deliciously nutritious protein-fiber-energy-snack bars.

Local Producer: Willie Greens Organic Farm

Our local forager in the Pacific Northwest, Denise Breyley, shares the story behind Willie Greens Organic Farm and how they are using our Local Producer Loan to grow their business.

MOOMilk: Maine's Own Organic Milk Company

Working on the Local Producer Loan Program gives me tons of opportunities to hear about local food systems across the country.



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