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$2.5 Million and Counting!

I am so proud to announce that Whole Foods Market has recently hit a total of $2.5 million in loans through our Local Producer Loan Program! That’s over a million dollars a year for the past two years in financing to help local farmers and food artisans expand their businesses. That’s a lot of change! When we launched the program in 2007, the state of the economy was very different.


Spring Berries - A Coast to Coast Tale

StrawberryRipe in the field - Santa Maria, California One of the great annual events of spring is the beginning of the domestic berry season. The true starting point has blurred because of global production, early producing varieties and weather protection technology (like hoop houses).


Coracao Confections

One of my favorite aspects of running Whole Foods Market's Local Producer Loan Program is getting to learn about interesting new products. Gluten-free, organic, vegan granola? Check. Wine sorbet? Check. Dairy-free coconut milk ice cream? Check!


Local…and Italian

Since you meet them in the aisles of our stores, you probably know that our Whole Foods Market Team Members are passionate about food. What you may not know is that our local vendors are some of the most zealous food people you'll ever find! These folks have devoted their lives - often at great financial risk and always with great personal dedication - to making high-quality, natural food. Pretty incredible!

Peak Pick: Asparagus

The coming of March marks an awakening of sorts here on the Central California Coast. With daylight savings time bringing longer afternoons, more folks are outside - assessing their yards and plotting what early projects can be squeezed in to take advantage of March's generally abundant rainfall. I'm among them, doubly so as this year is the first full spring in our new neighborhood (and my new backyard).


Tulips and My Winter Color Surrogate

Tulips Pink Tulips - California Every year right around the start of February I start yearning for more color in my life.


Local Producers Make National News

We just wanted to send out a big congratulations to two of our Local Producer Loan Program recipients who are now making an impact beyond our shelves!


Laughing Giraffe



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