Putumayo's World Yoga

Learn about the latest release from Putumayo, designed to take you through the movements of yoga, and enter for a chance to win a CD set.

Rock Star Siblings: The Trash Pop Icons

Raw and UnprocessedThe Beach Boys, Heart, the Carpenters — some great music has come from bands with family ties.


Our Team Members Rock! Listen, Vote and Win

I’ve been a music fan for as long as I can remember. It probably started when I bought The Four Tops Greatest Hits at age 8. Growing up playing the piano and violin made me appreciate the skill and talent of musicians even more.

Fast forward to today. Living in Austin – the “Live Music Capital of the World”– is perfect for me. In fact, you’ll find me at a show any day of the week.  It’s through these local shows that I have realized how many friends, family and coworkers are involved in music — and most outside of their regular “day jobs.”

So imagine how thrilled I was to find out that Whole Foods Market® is giving their talented team members an opportunity to let their music be heard. Out of hundreds of submissions, a panel of peers selected ten finalists in Raw and Unprocessed, Whole Foods Market’s Team Member Music Project.

Now it’s your turn. Your votes will decide the winner and take a team member from aisle 3 to superstardom! The winning band or musician will open for a VHI You Oughta Know artist in Napa Valley, California at Live in the Vineyard in November. You and a friend could be there, too!


Putumayo's Latest: Arabic Beat

Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite Arabic musician for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo's Arabic Beat and Arabic Groove. Congratulations to Andrea Wolf who was our randomly chosen winner!

Read on for a chance to win a CD set of Putumayo’s Arabic-themed titles, available in most Whole Foods Market Stores. Dan Storper is the CEO and founder of Putumayo World Music.

Have you ever wandered the open-air markets in a North African or Middle Eastern city? The music that seems to radiate from the stores and stalls is infectious and prompts a search for the same music to enjoy in your own home.

Memories of a trip abroad can now live on with Putumayo’s newest release, Arabic Beat, a collection that chronicles the musical creativity of Arabic musicians today. The album revels in artists rarely heard in the West: the unsung stars and hit- makers who shape the region’s music.

Inspired by music from across the globe but true to Arabic music’s deep roots, the sounds of raï’s rolling funk and the shimmering pulse of raqs sharki (“belly dance” music) tell the story of a thriving contemporary scene that stretches across the breadth of the Mediterranean.


Putumayo Explores American Roots Music

Just in time for our country’s July 4th birthday, Putumayo is releasing two new CDs — Bluegrass and Cowboy Playground.

The Music of Rita Wilson


Bonnie Raitt on Musicians for Microcredit

Whole Foods Market® is honored to carry Bonnie Raitt’s newest global release, Slipstream.  Bonnie has earned nine Grammy Awards over her extraordinary career – and is as well-known for her music, as she is for her activism.

Patrick Bradley's Under the Sun

We’ve recently told you about some of the really creative fundraising events happening in our stores that support Whole Planet Foundation’s® Prosperity Campaign. Here’s another one to share with you.

Putumayo's Latest: African Blues

Powerful African voices and rhythms demonstrate the deep connection of the blues to its African roots in this latest CD from Putumayo. Learn more.

Putumayo's Latest: Instrumental Dreamland

Tell us what music helps lull you to sleep for a chance to win a 6-CD set of Putumayo Kids’ award-winning Dreamland series.


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