The Whole Deal’s Meals for Four

Don't get caught in a dinner pinch. You'll save some green and some time by following our weeklong meal plan for four (or a few more). These ideas, recipes and tips are designed to help you get the most from your grocery budget. How lucky is that? MONDAY: Veggie Monday

Save Green With The New Whole Deal

Are you ready for a budget shakeup? We’ve got your back with big ideas and small changes for spring in the March/April issue of The Whole Deal value guide.

The Whole Deal's Meals for One


The Whole Deal's Meals for Two

Sure two's company but coming up with ideas for feeding two on a budget every day may turn the best of us into someone it's best to avoid. That's where The Whole Deal meal planners come in. Our week long meal plan for two paves the way for delicious, affordable meals and takes the pressure off of you. Sit back and enjoy:

MONDAY: Veggie Monday

The Whole Deal's Meals for Four


Learn to Cook, Learn to Save: Simple Beans

Learn To CookHere’s something you can really dig your spoon into: Learning to cook can really cut your costs, but not your nutrients.


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WD_blogpost_cover2Happy New Year savvy shoppers!

The Value Guru Confronts the Grinch


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