Value Guru and Simple Salvation


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Value Guru and the Sausage Solution

SausageI am more than happy eating vegetarian meals about 80% of the time without even thinking about the fact that they're vegetarian. But I do like meaty texture and flavor in a meal more often than I can afford a steak. And, it usually doesn't take much, so steak is not always the answer anyway.

Value Guru and the Ticking Dinner Bomb


It was one of those days where time gets away from you and everyone is hungry and you know if you don't act fast, hungry turns to cranky turns to worse. Dinner had to happen PDQ and I was so tempted to do the drive-thru. I stuck it out, though, and headed home to my own trusty kitchen.

Value Guru and the Mystery Cheeses


Value Guru and the Refrigerator Challenge

When I opened the fridge Sunday morning to a whole lotta "nothing to eat," I felt like that mostly-blank white interior was challenging me, blowing a cool dare right in my face. "Go ahead, try to make a meal from what you see here." I knew I had to go grocery shopping that afternoon, but I didn't want to waste anything that might be lingering. I also wanted to get my dinner plan squared away early. I'd be out all afternoon and knew I wouldn't want to cook much. I began digging.

Customer Scales Back Spending Without Compromising

Thanks to all of our customers who take the time to share their thoughts with us. From time to time, we'll share some of your feedback on our Whole Story blog. This one comes from J.S., a customer in Massachusetts.
To Whom It May Concern, My favorite chore of the week is shopping at Whole Foods in Hingham, Massachusetts. I am dedicated to quality food for myself and my family and enjoy my shopping experience there (the employees are awesome, especially Cheryll in the Deli!) and also the quality of the foods that I serve to my family.

The Whole Deal™ on Game Day


The Whole Deal™ on Ingenuity

What’s that they say about necessity being the mother of invention? You guys have it down pat. I love picking up ideas from you that I can put into practice in my own kitchen and with my family.


The Whole Deal™ on Homemade Cleaning Products

The whirlwind of the holidays (and my own post holidays travel schedule) have finally settled and in its wake, I find a messy house in desperate need of a good deep clean.  Pots and pans in my sink, spots on all my mirrors and



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