The Whole Deal Value Guide Out Now

Whole Deal June July

Heads up! The new summer issue of The Whole Deal value guide is in stores now, ready to help you out with great ideas for a great summer...without great expense.


Value Guru and the Search for the Next Pasta Salad

Spring Pasta Salad

Value Guru Investigates the Herb Garden


A Virtual Value Tour

Value Guru and the Middle East Secret

I have to admit, Sunday afternoon I was beat from an active day that began with a big dog walk then progressed into grocery shopping, a yoga class, cleaning house and working in the garden, followed by a very welcome shower. All would make for a fantastic spring day if I didn't then have to make dinner! I was too tired and broke to consider going out to pick something up, so I took an exploratory tour of cupboard, fridge and freezer, grumbling all the while that I hadn't followed my own oft-preached advice and planned tonight's meal when I shopped just that morning!

Value Guru and Simple Salvation


The Whole Deal Value Guide Out Now

Whole Deal April

Value Guru and the Sausage Solution

SausageI am more than happy eating vegetarian meals about 80% of the time without even thinking about the fact that they're vegetarian. But I do like meaty texture and flavor in a meal more often than I can afford a steak. And, it usually doesn't take much, so steak is not always the answer anyway.

Value Guru and the Ticking Dinner Bomb


It was one of those days where time gets away from you and everyone is hungry and you know if you don't act fast, hungry turns to cranky turns to worse. Dinner had to happen PDQ and I was so tempted to do the drive-thru. I stuck it out, though, and headed home to my own trusty kitchen.

Value Guru and the Mystery Cheeses



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