Belgian Wit Waffles with Orange Wit Syrup

St Cloud Belgian WhiteBeer for breakfast? Heck yes! Pancakes, waffles and muffins all make excellent canvases for cooking with beer. All require some sort of liquid ingredient that can be partially or, sometimes, completely substituted with beer.


Be Bubbly this Holiday Season

'Tis the season for bubbly! For many of us, though, this is one of the most daunting areas of the wine section. To help make your choice easier, we've assembled some basic information and ideas.

Stout Beer Glaze - Three Ways

Four in HandWhether the star of your holiday feast is pork, chicken, beef or a veggie alternative, add a beer-alicious zing with this malty sweet, lip-smacking beer glaze!

Top Wine Picks for the Holidays

See our top wine picks for the holidays and get suggested recipe and cheese pairings.

Happy Days Are Here Again With Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is the Richie Cunningham of wine. It’s fun-loving, social, complementary – a true family and friends kind of wine. Yup, this is a wine you can proudly bring home to Mom.

Butternut Squash and Holiday Ale Chili

Holiday beer season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time of year for soup, stew and chili recipes – all which benefit tremendously from the addition of (you guessed it) beer.


A Vegan Oktoberfest with the Beer Wench

BeerAlthough the roots of the term “wench” are technically Middle English and “beer wench” is now common Australian slang, wenches are more closely associated with the beer culture in Germany than anywhere else.

Perfect Summer Pairings for Top Ten Wines

Can anything make a summer evening more satisfying than a glass of lightly chilled wine enjoyed on the patio? Pairing that wine with a delicious meal, of course!  

Our Top Ten Wines for Summer provide a bevy of flavor and value, making it easy to choose summery fare for your entertaining table. Here are a few of our favorite recipes to pair and share.

Six Wine Picks for Summer Grilling

Learn about some of our top-notch wines and find out which of our Top Ten Wines pair with your favorite grilled foods this summer.

The Flavors of Spain

Here are 10 of our favorite Spanish-inspired dishes that are the perfect match for your next glass of Spanish wine.


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