Body Care

Fragrance Free Conditioner

Your daily shower never felt this good. Our fragrance free conditioner, with aloe vera and vitamin B5, restores moisture and shine and leaves your hair soft and smooth.For best results, start your mini spa treatment with our fragrance free shampoo.

Shower Gel - Citrus Grapefruit

Your daily shower never felt this good. Our citrus grapefruit shower gel, with aloe vera and soothing allantoin, softens your skin while grapefruit essential oil leaves a clean, refreshing scent. For a total mini spa treatment, try it with our citrus grapefruit shampoo and conditioner.

Body Lotion - Lavender Blend

Your daily moisturizing routine never felt this good. Our lavender blend body lotion,with sesame seed, jojoba seed and vitamin E oils, leaves your skin soft and smooth, while lavender essential oil leaves a clean, calming scent. For a total mini spa treatment, try it after cleansing with our lavender blend shower gel.

Shampoo - For Oily and Normal Hair - Herbal Mint

Your daily shower never felt this good. Our herbal mint shampoo, with arnica flowerand thyme extracts, balances oily hair, while peppermint essential oil leaves a clean,refreshing scent. For best results, finish your mini spa treatment with our herbal mint conditioner.


Creation Blush - A delicate rose with a hint of plum to highlight the checks. Infused with natural mineral pigments and antioxidants for the look of healthy beauty (other shades available in nudes, peaches and pink).

Sea Foam Facial Cleanser

Depth's refreshing Sea Foam cleanser is the perfect start to the Teens Turning Green skin care collection. Renowned for their hydrating and nutritive benefits, marine botanicals are combined with gentle cleansers to remove impurities and leave skin soft, clean and nourished. All while a warm and gentle aroma reminiscent of a lavish tropical bouquet soothes the senses.

Organic Rosemary and Mint Hand Sanitizing Spray

The EO hand sanitizing Rosemary Mint Spray is an organic hand sanitizing spray that delivers a minimum of 62% organic alcohol to sanitize hands. Convenient and easy to carry, it goes anywhere your teen does to keep their hands clean and healthy.

Drench Hydrating Shampoo

Check it out??fabulous hair care that meets our strict Premium Body Care standards! That means no parabens, SLS/SLES, phthalates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, PEGs and glycols. Formulated with 70% organic content they are delivered in stylish bottles made from 50% post-consumer resin.

Exfoliating Bar - Rainforest

If a bar of soap could grow on a tree, this one certainly would. Handcrafted with all natural and organic vegetable-based ingredients, this product is sure to stimulate your mind, body and soul. Infused with tiny bits of organic Yerba Mat, these soaps are perfect for those looking for a little exfoliation. Also available in Oasis Fruit and Regal Blossom.

Hand and Body Lotion - Ocean Blossom

Revitalize and pamper your skin every day with this luxurious, sea-inspired body lotion. Ultra-hydrating marine botanicals and organic aloe vera leave your skin soft, smooth and naturally beautiful. Available in four 100% natural scents: Mangrove Citrus, Ocean Blossom, Bay Coconut and Sea Berry.


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