7 Unusual Seafood Dishes to Try Soon

When it comes to fish, I used to get stuck in a rut. I’d reach for the few varieties I was familiar with and knew how to prepare. But there are literally other fish in the sea! Ready to give a new fish a chance? Check out these tasty ways to prepare some less common seafood.

Shopping for Wild-Caught Seafood In-Season

Eat More Fish! 5 Easy, Healthy Techniques to Try

I’ve always loved the taste and versatility of fish, and of course it can be a great source of lean protein. Here are some of my favorite, off-the-beaten path ways to prepare fish, all of which are simple enough for weeknights.

Valentine's Day Essentials: Oysters

With their luxurious texture, clean taste and plentiful toppings, there’s a lot to love about oysters.

Fresh Toppings for Fresh Oysters

Elegant. Refreshing. Big time-savers. If you don’t count oysters on the half shells as one of your go-tos for holiday gatherings, you should.

Shrimp is Big on Convenience

Poached, grilled, sautéed or broiled, we love shrimp in just about any dish, any time of year. But somehow serving shrimp during the winter holidays seems extra special — thankfully without extra work or worries when you buy it at Whole Foods Market.

How to Save on Meat and Seafood

Learn to save on meat and seafood with food blogger and author Jenny Rosenstrach.

Which Fish to Choose: The Mercury Question

“What about mercury in fish?” That’s a frequent question at our seafood counters that we’ll try to tackle here.

Sensational Swordfish

Ready to expand your fish repertoire? Meaty and rich, swordfish is like no other fish you’ve had before.

Kabobs: Summer on a Stick

The infatuation with food on sticks starts when we’re young, with hot dogs and marshmallows speared and roasted over a campfire. We might move on to other things, like corndogs or tornado potatoes, but the heart of food on sticks lies with the fire, and that’s why, every summer, our minds and bellies turn to the kabob.


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