Catch the Reel Big News: No Red-Rated Seafood

As of this Earth Day (April 22), we no longer carry red-rated wild-caught fish in our seafood departments. Learn how to make responsible seafood choices.

Simple Ways to Enjoy Seafood

Get dinner on the table in a flash with quick-cooking seafood choices.

Quality Standards and the Multi-Stakeholder Process

Our Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator explains how our stakeholders, from team members to growers to the public, have a voice in the process of developing new standards.

Quick Dinners with Frozen Seafood Entrées

No recipe (or skill) needed! Simply thaw our pre-marinated, seasoned and stuffed seafood, cook and serve with your favorite side.

Feast of the Seven Fishes

We hope you enjoy this encore blog post about a wonderful Christmas tradition.

Joy to the Fishes

Simple yet impressive, seafood is ideal for home cooks looking for variety and flavor at their holiday tables.

Give Thanks for Shrimp

Get the story behind our standards for farm-raised and wild-caught shrimp and pick up some tips for choosing, cooking and serving what the pilgrims ate: shrimp!

Next Up: Standards for Farmed Oysters, Clams and Mussels

The last few years have been busy ones for the Seafood Quality Standards team at Whole Foods Market. We implemented new aquaculture standards for farmed finfish and shrimp and we launched our wild species ranking program — making our seafood cases more colorful and rich with information.

Don’t Get Caught Short on Shrimp

Poached, grilled, sautéed or broiled, we love shrimp in just about any dish. Learn about what sets our shrimp apart and try some scrumptious shrimp recipes.

Sizzling Seafood Grill

Looking for tips on how to grill fish and shrimp so they’re full of flavor with just the right amount of sizzle? Let’s get grilling!


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