Our Catfish is NOT a Bottom Feeder!

Miso Glazed Catfish

Visiting Arctic Char Farms in Iceland


New and Healthy: Arctic Char

Some people make very specific New Year’s resolutions. Not me. I’m more the type who knows that I want to improve things about my life but I leave it kind of open and general – who knows what could come up! Yet, after indulging in too many wonderful treats over the holidays, I definitely feel a need to focus on getting back to eating sane, healthy foods. So, I was thrilled when I heard about a tasty fish we are featuring in January: Arctic Char.

Shrimp and Mangroves

Shrimp farming and healthy mangrove ecosystems…Can the two go hand in hand?


Up Close and Personal with Rainbow Trout

Sometimes you meet people who are truly remarkable. I met such a person in September 2007 on a trout farm visit to Idaho. Following two days of presentations at the U.S. Trout Farmers Association meeting, my fellow fishmongers and I were greeted by Leo Ray, who loaded us into his truck for an all day tour of the Snake River Canyon of South Central Idaho.

Aquaculture Standards

This past Wednesday, Whole Foods Market launched our enhanced aquaculture standards — standout stuff for the industry. Our seafood quality standards team spent the last couple of years researching and investigating all of the issues surrounding farmed fish. They worked with the fish farmers as well as environmental groups and scientists to develop the very best standards out there. In this podcast, I talk to Carrie Brownstein, our Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator, and David Pilat, our Global Seafood Coordinator, to find out all of the scoop on these standards.

My Aquaculture Journey

I am at the new Whole Foods Market store in Tribeca, NYC perusing the seafood counter on a most exciting day.



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