Guayaki Energy Shot Ok, so this blog is actually a confession...Well a couple of confessions!

Libido Part II: Natural Nutrients & Body Care

Libido Part I: Medicinal Plants

Anatomy of a Shampoo

Bodycare ProductsIt's probably obvious that all of the food products we carry are made from recipes.

4th Annual Teens Turning Green National Summit


The ABCs of Supplements

Confused about so many supplements on the shelves? Tune in and let us help! We’re going back to the basics and answering some common questions. Nutritionist Malia Curran talks about various benefits and forms of supplements, things to know about regulation and explains a few terms that are often confusing.

Marine Botanicals: Algae in our Lives

null For those who enjoy the unexpected and esoteric sides of life, I have a souvenir for you to share with those you love to amuse. Algae. From green to red, slimy to coarse, and microscopic to enormous. Just mention the topic of algae, and many people think of the unsightly green film in swimming pools and fish tanks…or their eyes glaze over. Add to your unpredictability the story of potentially the most humble, unpretentious organisms on Earth.

Natural Fragrances: Profile of a Master

Delving further into research on natural fragrances, I had the pleasure recently to connect with Jack Chaitman, an expert on plant distillation who has been extracting premium essential oils for over 25 years.

Be Good To Your Whole Body with Private Label

The Newest Teens for Safe Cosmetics Chapter

From Aline, The Hockaday School • Dallas, TX


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