Mature Makeup

Curious about the best ways to apply makeup for mature skin? It’s no surprise that natural products provide the best approach for keeping the skin looking and feeling radiant. Join us in Manhattan as we watch a makeup artist at work. Learn about powerful ingredients and tips for applying natural face care products and makeup for beautiful maturing skin.

Healthy Aging - Interview with Dr. Andrew Weil

We’ve all heard the basics on healthy aging, right? Eat well, stay active, adopt daily stress relief habits… So now it’s time for the specifics. This month we have a special guest, Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Weil gives us his personal and professional recommendations on heart health, brain power, and keeping the immune system strong. General Health

Natural Fragrances


Teens Turning Green - In Stores!

The Teens Turning Green line launched exclusively in Whole Foods Market stores this week. Check out the video to hear some of the Teens talk about the line and read on for three Teens saying what this means to them.
From Dana:

Travelogue: Learning about Toothpaste and Cleaning Products (and blueberries) in New England

More on the Teens Turning Green Collection

Hi!  My name is Hannah and I am a member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics: New York. Each September, I look forward to the start of the new school year; but this September, all I can think about is the “Teens Turning Green” collection.  In just a few weeks, this fabulous line of products will be available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide!

Whole Body's Back to School Favorites


Healthy Immune System for a Healthy School Year

Looking for easy ways for you and the kids to stay healthy this school season? We’ve got you covered. Get the scoop on the immune system and learn how it can benefit from probiotics, herbs, supplements and simple healthy habits. Start building your healthy school year now!

Introducing Teens Turning Green Collection

Hi my name is Mattie and I am a member of Teens for Safe Cosmetics: New York.

EFAs & Back to School Brain Power

EFAs (essential fatty acids) are crucial for healthy growing brains and mental function. Here is straight and simple info to help you understand EFAs and how to find the ones that support children’s focus and brain function. Douglas MacKay is a licensed naturopathic doctor who serves as Nordic Naturals Research Advisor. He is Founder of Makai Naturopathic Center in Dover, NH.


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