Back to School in Green Style - 4th Period

Hey! I’m Emily, and I am a sophomore in High School and a part of Teens for Safe cosmetics. A few weeks ago, Teens for Safe Cosmetics had our kickoff meeting for the 2008/ 09 campaign. It was a great meeting with tons of fabulous ideas for our Teens Turning Green Collection, for events, and for new advocacy strategies.

Back to School in Green Style - 3rd Period

Does Your Child Need a Multi?

Learn the big reasons why most kids can benefit from a little daily multivitamin. Despite even the best attempts at a healthy diet, many don’t get all the essentials they need. Think of it as a combination of insurance and investment, and get the most recent nutritional recommendations for smart parents and smart kids.

Back to School in Green Style – 2nd Period

Hi. I'm Danielle, a high school senior in Northern California. There are simple changes that we can make to better "green" all aspects of our daily lives. Below are four more tips that will get you started as we head back to school. If you CAN make healthier choices, why not?

Natural Oral Care for Kids

Do you wonder if the reasons you choose natural foods for your kids could also apply to toothpaste? Learn about the choices and get tips for natural oral care products that work well—and taste great—for even the pickiest kids.

Back To School In Green Style

Hi, my name is Erin and I am a high school senior from Northern California. I founded Teens for Safe Cosmetics with a group of my peers because I don't think that we should have to choose between beauty and health! And now I apply a similar philosophy to all aspects of my life: why risk my well being when I don't have to?

How Tweens & Teens Benefit from Natural

Fun in the Sun

Hey everyone! It is summer time and it is officially the time of year I miss my hometown area the most. I grew up spending summers in Surf City, NJ on Long Beach Island and spent probably 8 hours a day in the sun. Well, now we know that is not the best idea and also that if you are going to surf the summer away, you better be wearing some strong sunblock.

Natural Salon Part 2: Cuts and Styling

Natural Salon Part I: Ingredients to Look For


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