Private Label Brands: Olive Oil FAQ

Olive oils

All of our 365 Olive Oils are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils. All of our olive oils are certified by the North American Olive Oil Association. Our oils are products of Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and the USA.

How do I know if 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Olive Oils are pure?

Our 100% Californian Unfiltered Olive Oil and California Small Batch Olive Oil are made by America’s largest grower and processor of olive oil. They have a full traceability program and they know where every olive came from and can trace it back to the farm where it was grown.

We test our oils for their pH levels, peroxide value, UV extinction, fatty acid composition, sterol composition, wax content, steroidal hydrocarbons and pesticides to ensure it meets our requirements. We also package all of our oils in dark glass or tins to protect the oil from light, which can negatively affect the quality of oil.

In addition to our 365 olive oils, we sell superior quality olive oils from small independent producers such as, Lapas, McEvoy Ranch, Nuñez de Prado and CarmGrande Escolha. Our Buyers and Global Food Safety Specialists visit all of the facilities that produce the 365 olive oils periodically to ensure the highest level of quality in these products.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality natural foods available. We define quality by evaluating the ingredients, freshness, safety, taste, nutritive value, appearance and the source of all of the products we offer.

I read that olive oil is not 100% pure if, when placed in the refrigerator, it does not cloud up. Is this true?

Contrary to recent blog reports and internet site information, experts in the field confirm that refrigeration is not an accurate way of determining the quality of olive oil due to the many factors involved including ripeness of the olives when harvested, amount of time in refrigeration, and the temperature of the refrigerator. Different oils – regardless of purity – respond differently.