Private Label Brands: Olive Oil FAQ

Olive oils

All of our 365 Olive Oils are 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  Our olive oils are certified by the North American Olive Oil Association, with the except of the the 100% Californian in which our supplier is a member of the California Olive Oil Council.

Where are the olives from?

  • 365 Organic Everyday Value Olive Oil: 100% Italian olives

  • 365 Everyday Value Italian Olive Oil: 100% Italian olives

  • 365 Everyday Value Olive Oil: made in Italy with a blend of olives from trusted suppliers in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.

How do I know if 365 and 365 Organic Everyday Value Olive Oils are pure?

Whole Foods Market is equally as susceptible to olive oil fraud as the rest of the industry; however, we perform rigorous testing on each batch of our olive oils to determine their pH level, peroxide value, UV extinction, fatty acid composition, sterol composition, triglyceride composition, wax content, and steroidal hydrocarbons to ensure it meets our requirements.

I read that olive oil is not 100% pure if, when placed in the refrigerator, it does not cloud up. Is this true?

Due to the many factors involved (including ripeness of the olives when harvested, amount of time in refrigeration, and the temperature of the refrigerator), experts in the field confirm that refrigeration is not an accurate way of determining the quality of olive oil. Different oils, regardless of purity, respond differently.