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Eating the Easter Eggs

In my family, Easter was always a favorite holiday.

I recall a family friend asking me what I loved most about the celebrations. My reply was “the egg salad.” Of course, I loved the bunny part but since my parents refused to get me a rabbit, it seemed wiser to focus on the egg part.

I loved dyeing the eggs crazy colors and hiding them in the yard, but I was especially excited about hunting and eventually feasting on much-anticipated egg salad sandwiches, the mark of an excellent ending to an excellent Easter. If you love Easter but aren’t sure what to do with all the leftover eggs, I’ve got some great ideas and egg salad is only the beginning.

You can enjoy leftover boiled eggs for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. They’re a quick, delicious source of high quality protein, they’re nutrient dense and provide vitamins B2 and A as well as iron. We’ve got more about eggs in our Eggs 101 Guide. If you intend to eat your cooked and dyed eggs, only have them out of the refrigerator for no more than two hours, and that includes hiding and hunting time. Any longer and the eggs are not safe to consume. Keep eggs with the shell on in the fridge for up to one week; they’ll stay fresher that way and you can easily peel them just before you need them.

Here’s a selection of creative, delicious ways to enjoy those leftover boiled Easter eggs:

Happy Easter! Got a great idea or two for using leftover Easter eggs? We’d love to hear.

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NoRecipeRequired says …

Nice...these are great suggestions. As a kid, I remember my parents making us eat them all plain, with just a bit of salt. I lover working eggs into my meals...my all time favorite is poaching them which I do here: http://www.noreciperequired.com/technique/how-poach-egg

Jeanie Shafer says …

Wonderful tips for left over Easter eggs! Thank you! My mother would make salmon egg salad! A can of red salmon was drained,,bones and dark skin was removed, And added to her favorite traitional egg salad mix! Delicious and exta nutritious! We made sandwiches with it...there was NEVER any leftovers!

Jerri says …

I love deviled eggs, but this protein packed vegetarian egg sandwich is hard to beat! http://www.cooking4carnivores.com/2010/08/ive-had-enough.html?m=0

Margaret says …

In order to use the Easter eggs, my grandmother always made Creamed Eggs for breakfast. Very easy just a cream sauce and chopped hard boiled eggs served on toast. 60 years later I still make this for Easter breakfast.

Lynne says …

Margaret, We had creamed eggs also, but with a twist. Separate the yolks from the whites. Use only the whites in your cream sauce. Push the yolks through a ricer or sieve. Serve along side to sprinkle over the sauce. Very easy and looks pretty for a holiday meal. We called it Eggs Ala Goldenrod. :)

Susan Petty says …

And if the eggs are left out too long,no need to waste them. They can be planted under your rose bushes or tomatoes as they a good source of nutrients for plants too.

Lynn says …

Jeanie's Mother's Salmon Egg Salad & Margaret's Grandmother's Creamed Eggs both sound incredible. Both dishes will be tried very soon... Thanks to both of you!