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6 Tips for an Easter Brunch That’s As Easy As It Is Delicious

Easter brunch is a time to pull together a spread that impresses and tastes delicious — without you breaking a sweat preparing it. We’ve assembled some of our ideas so you can spend your Easter brunch, you know...brunching.

  1. Short-circuit your plan for deviled eggs. Plan for a platter of deviled eggs or create a deviled egg bar with toppings, from bacon to smoked salmon and beyond. Oh — and skip boiling the eggs. Buy hard-cooked eggs (they’re in the Dairy department and they’re beyond cage-free too), and you’ve just saved yourself some time.

  2. Purchase premade breads and pastries. It’s all about presentation (and taste). Thankfully, you can get big points without spending much energy or time by setting up a heaping platter of pastries and breads. Our Bakery offers a delicious selection of ready-to-enjoy breakfast goods like muffins, scones, bagels, croissants and more. Don’t forget organic butter and fruit preserves.

  3. Have someone else take care of the entrées. The key to keeping brunch stress-free is to do the old make-some-buy-some trick. In this case, we’re the “someone else.” We’ll take care of the Easter ham, the Broccoli Cheddar Quiche and Quiche Lorraine. All you need to do is reserve, schedule a time for pickup, reheat and enjoy.

  4. Get the only dessert you need. It’s easy: Serve a cake that always impresses — Berry Chantilly. Enough said.

  5. Have festive drinks on hand*. In addition to the essentials — coffee and OJ — have a few bottles of sparkling Italian soda and sparkling wine for your own signature mocktails and cocktails.

  6. Get it delivered. Realized you’re missing something at the last minute? That’s what free delivery from Whole Foods Market for Prime members (available in select ZIP codes) is for — last-minute guests with last-minute requests, last-minute menu additions and last-minute inspiration (pancakes or bacon, anyone?). Visit to start shopping.

*Must be 21. Please drink responsibly.

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