How to Build an Epic Deviled Egg Bar

Entertaining for Easter? Follow our step-by-step guide and easy recipe ideas to serve a deviled egg spread that will wow your guests.

Spanish Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are creamy, crowd pleasing and satisfying. If these two-bite treats are on your menu this Easter, you don’t just want to serve any deviled eggs — you want to create an experience. The solution? A deviled egg bar. Think of it as a mini buffet that lets you mix and match ingredients. Plus, it’s a great way to satisfy everyone’s different tastes. Use our guide to craft a stunning spread of deviled eggs that your guests are sure to remember (and copy).

How to Build a Deviled Egg Bar

Deviled eggs make a perfect snack at casual gatherings with friends or a special meal while you're waiting for the main course. Follow these steps to build your bar at home:

  1. Calculate how many eggs you need: Plan for 2 to 4 egg halves per person. For four people, that’s 4 to 8 eggs total. Then, visit our Dairy aisle to stock up — all the eggs in our dairy cases are cage-free or better.

  2. Plan your menu: What types of deviled eggs are you going to serve? You can start with a basic hard-boiled egg recipe, then check out our recipes below for inspiration.

  3. Prep ahead: Make the components up to a day ahead, but don’t fill the whites with the yolk mixture until 1 to 2 hours before serving to avoid them drying out.

  4. Make your piping bag: Putting the yolk mixture into a piping bag (or resealable plastic bag) makes filling your eggs quick and easy. Use a ¾-inch plain or a star tip, or just trim off a small corner of the bag.

  5. Set up your bar buffet-style: Start by putting out a pile of small plates, then a platter of plain deviled eggs and arrange your selection of toppings.

  6. Set out serving dishes: Small bowls (they don’t have to all match) are the best for most ingredients, although squeeze bottles for sauces and shakers for spices and seasonings are a good idea (you can even leave them in their original bottles).

  7. Don’t forget utensils: Have a small spoon or fork in each bowl so guests can easily help themselves to toppings.

  8. Keep it simple: Five to eight toppings is enough to let everyone have fun with different combinations.

Be sure to follow the FDA's Food Safety Guidelines opens in a new tab for refrigerated eggs.

Our Favorite Deviled Egg Recipes

Looking for inspiration? Here are some favorite deviled egg recipes and topping combos that offer a balance of flavors and colors.

More flavor-packed deviled egg ideas:

  • Crumbled bacon and smoked paprika

  • Caviar and chives

  • Buffalo wing sauce and crumbled blue cheese

  • Fresh dill and feta

Feel like trying something new? Instead of halving the eggs lengthwise, split them through the equator, then take a thin slice off the bottom of each half so they sit level. You can place each on a cucumber or watermelon radish slice if you like.

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