Quality Standards

When you walk in our doors, you’ll find vibrant stacks of produce, animal welfare rated meat, Responsibly Farmed and sustainable wild-caught seafood and body care products with ingredients you can trust. That’s because we have experienced team members who help make it all possible. They partner with farmers and suppliers and carefully vet our products to make sure they meet our high standards by researching ingredients, reading labels and auditing sourcing practices — all to make shopping easier for you. Remember, if it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t sell it.

Seafood Quality Standards

We are the first U.S. retailer to offer sustainable Marine Stewardship Council-approved seafood — and we don’t sell red-rated seafood.

Meat and Poultry Standards

If you’re looking for more than great taste and freshness in meat and poultry, we’re here for you. We believe that quality on the table has a lot to do with quality of care in raising the animals.

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Our Standard: Beyond Clean Beauty

100+ banned ingredients and counting. When it comes to better beauty and body care, we go above and beyond.

Our Household Cleaning Standards

We developed the Eco-Scale rating system that, among other things, requires that every ingredient be listed.

Organic Quality Standards

When you choose organic food and other products, you’re helping more than yourself. You’re supporting farmers and producers who work hard to meet the standards because they believe in good health, quality and sustainability. It takes a lot and pays it forward.

Better Eggs

Let’s get real about eggs. Since 2005, all eggs in our dairy case have been cage-free, and we only use cage-free eggs in our own kitchens and bakehouses. Now we’re doing even more!

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Unacceptable Ingredients for Food

We draw a line when it comes to hydrogenated fats, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and more than 100 colors, flavors and preservatives commonly found in food.

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GMO Labeling

At Whole Foods Market, in addition to suppliers complying with the USDA Standard, we require that all non-GMO label claims be third-party verified or certified.

Harpoon Caught Swordfish

By rewarding well-managed, ocean-friendly fisheries with the MSC ecolabel, the MSC creates an incentive for fisheries and fishing communities to maintain healthy fish populations and ecosystems.

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Methylmercury in Seafood

Methylmercury is the dominant form of mercury found in aquatic animals, including fish. At elevated levels, it can be harmful to some populations. Learn more here.