Easter How-Tos, Guides & Recipes

From epic menu inspiration to helpful tips that elevate spring ingredients, our guides and recipes are sure to dazzle your Easter table. Want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family and friends? Order appetizers, side dishes, meals and more from our Easter menu. Be sure to place your order by 4/7, then schedule time for pickup in-store.

6 Tips for an Easter Brunch That’s As Easy as It Is Delicious

Easter brunch is a time to pull together a spread that impresses and tastes delicious. We’ve assembled our best ideas to help you spend Easter brunch, you know ... brunching.

leg of lamb

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Lamb

Lamb is the perfect dinner entrée for a festive spring meal. Get buying and cooking tips, plus our favorite recipes and pairing ideas.

sliced berry chantilly cake on plates

5 Reasons to Love Our Berry Chantilly Cake

It's a cult favorite in our Bakery department for a reason. Find out why this luscious cake is worth trying, plus how to place an order.

spiral sliced ham on a platter surrounded by side dishes

3 Easy Homemade Glazes for Your Easter Ham

Serving spiral-sliced ham at your Easter gathering? Try these simple glaze recipes to take it to the next level.

Spanish Deviled Eggs

How to Build an Epic Deviled Egg Bar

Follow our step-by-step guide and easy recipe ideas to serve a deviled egg spread that will wow your guests.

lamb leg with mint salsa verde recipe

Elegant Easter Dinner: Recipes & Ideas

We’ve created a colorful Easter dinner menu that weaves together all the classics plus some new favorites.

Carrot-Ginger Soup

Ultimate Vegan Easter Dinner: Recipes & Ideas

Our vegan Easter menu is loaded with vibrant Spring ingredients, from mouthwatering main dishes to perfectly paired side dishes.

spread of appetizers: shrimp cocktail, deviled egg, veggies and dip

Holiday Servings Calculator

Use our handy planner to find out exactly how many appetizers, side dishes and dessert to buy for your Easter meal.

Dyed easter eggs in cartons

How to Make Homemade Easter Egg Dyes

Egg dyeing with kids can be a fun Easter activity, especially if you embrace the mess. Here's how to make your own dyes with everyday ingredients.