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Drinks on Drinks

8 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool

Beat the heat with these easy cocktail and mocktail recipes.

How to Juice Fruits and Vegetables

With our beginner's guide, you can make bright, colorful juices at home in just four easy steps.

Recipe: Sparkling Honey Lemonade

Tangy citrus salt elevates lemonade to new heights in this refreshing drink.

Recipe: Elderflower Wine Spritzer

This spritzer has a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure twist to it; use your favorite bitters and a sparkling wine of your choice.

Blueberry Herb Lemonade Punch

Recipe: Blueberry-Herb Lemonade Punch

Make this refreshing and simple summer punch with tangy prepared lemonade or limeade and a mixture of crushed blueberries and fresh herbs.

The Top 12 Bottles for Summer from our Master Sommelier

Our team of wine experts — including our master sommelier, Devon Broglie — knows how to beat the summer heat: chilled wine.

The 12 Best Rosé Wines to Drink This Spring

Our wine experts have curated the best rosés of the season. Everything’s looking rosé!

Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail

Recipe: Clementine Crush Sparkling Cocktail

Thanks to the vibrant flavors of clementines (or satsumas if you prefer), cranberries and fresh rosemary, this pitcher full of sparkling wine-based cocktails is prime for winter celebrations.

Pineapple Rosemary Crush Cocktails

Recipe: Pineapple-Rosemary Crush Cocktails

Crisp and refreshing, this cocktail made with fresh pineapple, rosemary, sparking wine and ginger ale is soon to be your go-to holiday drink.

Apple-Pomegranate Fizz

Recipe: Apple-Pomegranate Fizz

This festive drink is easy to prepare for a crowd.

Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktails

Recipe: Sparkling Spiced Raspberry Cocktails

For any celebration, casual or elegant, serve this sparkly raspberry cocktail spiced with cloves and cinnamon.

Recipe: Cardamom-Carrot Sparkling Cocktails

Give your cocktail routine a wake up! Sweet carrot juice and floral cardamom pods create a refreshing spin on the mimosa.