How to Juice Fruits and Vegetables

With our beginner's guide, you can make bright, colorful juices at home in just four easy steps.

Home juicing is an easy shortcut for upping your daily dose of nutrients from fruits and veggies. You’ll find low prices on produce at your local store, so stock up and fire up your juicer or blender. We’re serious about our commitment to quality and partner with farmers and suppliers we trust to make sure you’re getting produce that’s picked at peak freshness and flavor.

1. Select your produce

Think about your favorite fruits and veggies and what’s in season, and buy organic when you can. Juicing takes a lot of produce, around 1 pound for an 8-ounce serving, depending on the type. See the classic combos below for inspiration.

2. Rinse and trim

Wash all produce well. Trim as needed and remove seeds and pits. Cut off thick rinds (like pineapple opens in a new tab or watermelon skin) and peel citrus (its skin has bitter oils that can overwhelm juice).

3. Prep produce

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your juicer for specific fruits and vegetables, and make sure all are sliced or torn to fit easily through the feed tube. Have all ingredients ready before turning the machine on (this helps protect its motor). Don’t have a juicer? Use your blender to purée softer fruits and veggies — pass on harder items like carrots — adding a touch of water if needed, then strain through cheesecloth, a nutmilk bag or a fine-mesh strainer.

4. Start juicing!

If your juicer has different speeds, check instructions for specifics on which to use for your items. Feed produce in and watch the juice flow out. When you’re done, check the pulp basket — if the pulp is damp or contains large bits of fruit, you can run it through the juicer again for a higher yield.

Juice is at its best when freshly pressed, but you can also refrigerate it for a day or two. Making a few servings (2 cups or so) is the most efficient way to juice.

Classic combos

Need some outstanding blends to get you started? We’ve got six great ones.

  1. Tangy Green Juice: Kale + cucumber + pear + parsley + lime + ginger

  2. Mango Madness: Mango + pink grapefruit + raspberries + lemon

  3. Tropical Sunrise: Pineapple + carrot + apple + lime + store-bought coconut water

  4. Brilliant Beet Juice: Red beet + apple + carrot + spinach + lemon + ginger

  5. Golden Turmeric: Yellow beets + pear + fennel + turmeric root + lemon

  6. High-Five Tomato: Tomato + celery + kale + lemon + hot sauce (optional, of course!)

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