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8 Refreshing Summer Drinks to Keep You Cool

Beat the heat with these easy cocktail and mocktail recipes.

Check out some of our favorite fruity summer drink recipes — we've included both cocktails and mocktails so everyone can join in on the fun. Mix these up for your next picnic or poolside gathering and watch them go quickly.

Sparkling Spring Punch

Every summer soiree deserves a little sparkle. Pair sparkling wine (pick Italian prosecco for something slightly sweet or cava for a crisper, citrusy fizz), grape juice and lemon soda or club soda. Then, for a showy way to beat the heat, drop in some homemade lemon-herb ice cubes infused with the flavor of refreshing mint or floral lavender.

Tip: Add a lime wedge to the rim of the glasses so each guest can add zest, if desired.

Mango-Sake Sling

Sake, a Japanese rice wine, makes its way from the sushi bar cocktail menu to your summer barbeque via this spirited sparkling cocktail. For a frothy, slushy consistency, start with cubes of frozen mango and frozen cherries. Once blended with the sake and lime juice and topped off with sparkling water, it will be one of the most revitalizing drinks you’ll slurp up all season.

Strawberry-Lemon Soda

For the kids, the non-drinkers or for between cocktails (it’s always wise to alternate!), have a batch of this easy Strawberry-Lemon Soda at the ready. Start by blending up a semi-homemade strawberry lemonade, then stir in sparkling water and fresh mint leaves to add even more cool, celebratory vibes.

Pink Wine Punch

Just as fitting at a special-occasion brunch as at a casual backyard barbeque, this punch gets prettied up by an ice ring studded with colorful grapes and balls of honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe. It’s a flavorful fix to keep the white wine and blood orange Italian soda blend nicely on ice for hours.

Tip: Make it a mocktail! Instead of a bottle of white wine, trade in an equal amount of sparkling white grape juice.

Mango Mocktail

Don’t be fooled: While this mocktail looks like a carrot, it tastes like tropical fruit. Memorize this three-ingredient mocktail recipe and you’ll never be more than minutes away from a pretty party drink for kids and adults alike. Spoon fresh mango purée into the bottom of each cup, top with tangerine soda (or any other nonalcoholic citrus sparkling beverage you like) and finish with fresh mint.

Spring Sparkler

Tea time gets a whole new meaning with this island-inspired wine cocktail. It’s the ideal fix if you’re craving Italian soda, white wine and green tea all at once! Puréed pineapple adds pep to a bottle of full-bodied chardonnay. Garnish with a slice of pineapple to hint at the ingredients inside.

Tip: Seek out chardonnay from cooler climates for more citrus notes or warmer weather for vanilla flavors.

Fruity Soda Pop
Jonesing for juice but want something a little less sweet? Stretch it with some sparkling water and your favorite fresh fruit. We’re fond of fruit pairings like:

  • Apple juice + Lime slices
  • Grape juice + Blackberries
  • Cranberry juice + Cherries
  • Orange juice + Papaya cubes

Mango Mimosas

Beautify your brunch with a platter of pretty prosecco mimosas. Besides the sparkling wine, the only other ingredient in this no-recipe recipe is puréed diced mango. To preserve the fizz, pour as guests arrive rather than prepping ahead.

Please drink responsibly.

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