Holiday Mocktails: The Perfect Way to Say Cheers

Meet the anytime drink for anyone. We've gathered up our best recipes for you to try.

Mocktail drinks in a glass with fruit

Mocktails have come a long way since the Shirley Temple (ok, we still love that one). Drinks like shrubs and switchel, which are vinegar based, are on the rise and are perfect choices for holiday gatherings. And as the craft spirits scene continues to grow, mixologists are concocting cocktails — and mocktails — beyond our wildest dreams.

Because you can turn any mixed drink into a nonalcoholic version of itself, infusions, flavored syrups and herbal additions make mocktails just as festive as that glass of booze.

For your next party, consider having a selection of flavored syrups, juices and fruits for guests to add to nonalcoholic mixers. Here are a few of our favorite flavored syrup recipes:

Or swap in sparkling flavored waters for the wine in these cocktails:

How to Make a Black Licorice Mocktail

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