Alternative Beverages 101: It’s Refreshment, Revisited

From our top picks for buzz-less beers and calorie-transparent wines to mocktail recipes and more, it’s time to explore consciously crafted adult beverages with a focus on flavor.

stacked non alcoholic beer, wine and spirits against colorful background

Enjoying a crisp, refreshing drink can coexist with your well-being goals. There’s a rapidly expanding universe of alternative adult beverages with full-on flavor that take a more conscious approach to imbibing. We’ve sifted through buzz-less beers, calorie-transparent wines, mocktails and more to highlight the brightest, most effervescent options for those looking for mindful choices at happy hour.

Buzz-Less Drinks

The FDA defines nonalcoholic adult beverages as beers, wines and spirits with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. However, what these drinks lack in buzz, they more than make up for in bold flavor, from hoppy and bitter to fruity and floral. Here are a few of our favorites.

Calorie-Transparent Wines

Squeezing wine time into your routine just got easier, with these light options that will delight your taste buds without compromising your wellness goals. Our friends at Sunny with a Chance of Flowers have crafted three bright, complex wines that over-deliver on conscious indulgence.


Short for “mock cocktail,” mocktails mimic qualities of alcoholic drinks that contain a mixture of fruit juices or other soft drinks, with the caveat that they contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. There’s been a ton of innovation in this space recently, so we’ve done our tasting homework on the best brands, and even concocted a few recipes of our own.

Must be 21+. Please drink responsibly.

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