1797 Hydraulic Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901
United States
7:00am to 10:00pm. Seven days a week.
P: 434.973.4900
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About the Store

To Relay Foods Customers:


Dear Charlottesville Relayers, 

With mixed feelings of excitement and gratitude, I'm writing to share news that marks another milestone for Relay Foods. 

When we opened our virtual doors five years ago, tiny couldn't begin to describe our business. Our "warehouse" was Zach's dining room. We rented our trucks. Our greatest assets were (and still are!) a vision to make eating local and healthy foods simpler and a community that supported our dream.

Early on, we were introduced to the team at Charlottesville's Whole Foods Market, who, like true community leaders, were eager to support our nascent effort. With their blessing, we began sourcing top-notch groceries from the Charlottesville Whole Foods Market store. Later, the Short Pump store was gracious enough to allow us to shop their shelves as well.

Our understanding with Whole Foods Market has always been that the partnership would last until Relay could stand on its own two feet. 

Fast forward to today, with Relay serving 14 markets in three states and DC, occupying three fulfillment centers, and growing by the day. Relay could not have gotten to this point without the support of incredible partners like the Whole Foods Market team, but on both sides of this relationship, with gratitude and only the best wishes, we've recognized that it's time to part ways. 

In the coming weeks, we will phase out Whole Foods brands: 365, 365 Organic, and Whole Foods Market. While we cannot replace these products, we have worked hard to improve our selection to provide you with very close alternatives. We'll be stocking these products on the shelves of our fulfillment centers (as we already do with thousands of local and grocery options) and pulling them fresh every day for your orders. We will do our utmost to make sure you can find what you're looking for, and as always, our Customer Happiness team will be on-call to make sure your experience is as seamless as possible. 

Again, we cannot say enough good things about the team at Whole Foods Market who supported us during our early years. We are excited for this new chapter, as we fully become an "independent" grocer, and we are grateful to you, our customers, for your ongoing support during this transition phase. 


Arnie Katz

President & Co-Founder

Relay Foods







It's been 20 years and a great ride! For two decades, we've been part of the Charlottesville community, providing the highest quality all natural, organic and local foods to our customers. Our new location helps us provide the best in service with our own Pub, traditional wood-fired pizza oven, made to order sandwich venue, organic salad bar, full-service butchers and fishmongers, and an outdoor patio with free WiFi.



A Message from our Store Team Leader...

As I look around the aisles of our new location, I am reminded of the road that brought us all here. As for me, I grew up on a farm in Virginia, herding cattle, tending pigs and growing our own fruits and vegetables. I may not have realized at the time, but that began my lifelong love and appreciation of fresh, homegrown, flavorful food.  Working in local restaurants, I was able to learn from talented, innovative chefs and was amazed every day by the masterpieces created from simple, wholesome ingredients.


My Whole Foods Market career started right here in the Charlottesville Specialty Department. Little did I know that 10 years, 4 stores and 3 states later, I would circle back around and have the honor of opening a brand new, expanded and much-anticipated store in a place I call home.


As we celebrate 20 years in the neighborhood, I am reminded that no matter where the road takes us, we all come back to our roots to make this a flourishing and vibrant community… our Whole Foods Market Community.


See you in the aisles, Jeff

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