Perfect Companions: French cheeses and Bordeaux wines

Looking for the perfect cheese and wine companions? Our global cheese buyer speaks French – cheese and wines, that is.

Discover French Cheeses: Comté

What does Napoleon, a French cow called Montbeliarde and the Mountains of Jura have in common? Comté! Discover the celebrated ancient French cheese with our global cheese expert.

Just Say Oui to French Cheese

Discover French cheeses to pair with our Bordeaux wines. Our global cheese expert tells why you should say oui to French cheese.

A Cheese with Real Culture

Try a taste of cheddar with real culture! Our cheese expert shares the story behind an amazing cheese – 178 years in the making.

We've Got the Holiday Blues - Just for You

Creamy, spicy, smooth – there’s a blue just right for everyone this holiday season. Our cheese guru reveals the mystery of what makes blue cheese blue.

Be a Star With a Holiday Cheese Plate

From easy to artisan, our cheese guru shares her combinations for a stellar cheese plate that will make you the star of the holiday party.

Time for Cranberries in Everything

From cheese to chutneys, crackers and beer, cranberries liven up just about everything for the holidays. Find out what unique cranberry specialties we’re tasting this season.

Le Gruyere from Switzerland

Flying into Switzerland I am always amazed by the mountains. The world famous Alps, home to mountaineers, skiers and even stories about elephants crossing (not sure how this ever happened). In my visits to the country I have always been impressed by the pristine wonder of nature.

What are Lil' Ziggy and Buckaroo?

If you guessed artisan cheeses, you'd be right! And you won't find them anywhere other than in our stores because award-winning artisan cheesemakers Sue Conley and Peggy Smith of Cowgirl Creamery and Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove developed these two exclusive cheeses to celebrate Whole Foods Market's Big 3-0. What a cool present!

Red, White and Blue Cheese

Ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues! Or maybe there is a cure. What about the many blue cheeses available that will make your picnickers do a happy dance? Think sliced blue cheese on burgers — there are some great ones from Wisconsin that are sure to please.


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