6 Things Our Certified Cheese Professionals Can Do for You

They're not your average 'mongers. Get insider tips for shopping our Cheese department from a Certified Cheese Professional.

There are more than 300 Certified Cheese Professionals in Whole Foods Market stores — along with countless cheesemongers. But what exactly is a Certified Cheese Professional (CCP)? They're not your average ‘mongers. Our certification represents the highest level of expertise in the cheese industry.

In my capacity as a CCP for our Denver store, I've traveled to France and Spain, and have learned about fine dining cheese service from Michelin-starred restaurants. Whether it's helping to compose a show-stopping cheese plate or recommending the perfect burger cheese, there's nothing I love more than guiding my customers. The next time you shop, take a moment to get to know your CCP. Here’s exactly how we can make your trip easier.

We’ll teach you everything there is to know about cheese.

We’re not just cheesemongers. The American Cheese Society’s CCP program began in 2012, and those who have been through the program stand apart from every other cheesemonger. It’s a test akin to a sommelier certification. They test our ability to run a cheese shop — and they want to know that we can demonstrate skills regarding history, pairings, service, storage and cutting.

We can offer you a unique selection of high-quality cheeses.

Here in Denver, we sell cheese made from at least four different types of milk: cow, goat and sheep predominantly, and then also water buffalo milk. We carry everything from handcrafted local cheeses to imported worldly classics with a thousand years of tradition. We carry cheeses made from raw and pasteurized milk. We even offer cheeses from all over the world. And we really try to focus our product selection based on seasonality, too.

We’ll let you sample a cheese.

See a cheese you’d like to try first? We’re happy to offer you a sample. You don’t have to like everything, but we’d love for you to be adventurous and try new things.

We can cut cheese to any size you need.

Find a piece of cheese that you like? Maybe it’s just a little too large for your needs. Not to worry — we’re happy to cut the cheese of your choice to any size your need. Just ask.

We can help you plan the ultimate cheese plate…

We’ll pick your cheeses, accoutrements and even make wine pairing suggestions — so you can show up to your party looking like a rock star. Just tell us the occasion, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll think about things like texture, flavor, country of origin, milk sources and color of the cheeses on your board. If you’re including meats, are there specific wines that you’re drinking? Have you considered nuts, fruit or olives?

…or we'll build one for you.

It’s easy! We love putting together custom order platters for your special event. Call your local Whole Foods Market store to find out more. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll make it look beautiful.

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