How to Build a Spectacular Summer Cheese Board

See our expert cheese picks and perfect pairings for the season, available exclusively in our stores.

The one addition to take your summer picnic or backyard cookout from good to “oh my gosh"–rave reviews? A decked-out, totally awesome cheese board. Not only will it make you the hit of the gathering, whether you’re the host or guest, but it’s also the perfect platform for exploring and showcasing some of summer’s most wonderful flavors. That’s right — just like fruits and veggies, cheeses have seasons, too!

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Follow our step-by-step guide to learn how to build the ultimate cheese board with pro tips and pointers from our experts and tasting notes on some of our faves.

Step 1: Visit the Cheese Department (and Stay a While).

The magic starts in our Cheese department. Here, you’ll find a carefully curated selection sourced from farmers and producers all over the world. Take in the sights, smells and colors — there’s plenty to explore. You probably have questions, too. What’s the difference between cow, sheep, goat or buffalo cheeses? How much cheese do I need per person? And what is this thing called charcuterie?

Relax. Your cheese-ology is about to get a boost. At Whole Foods Market, we have over 350 Certified Cheese Professionals across our stores, nationwide, along with countless trained cheesemongers. Passionate? They’re crazy into curds and wild about wedges. Seriously, ask them anything. They’re happy to answer any questions about your selections or point you toward their favorite cheeses.

Step 2: Pick the Cheeses.

Depending on the size of your gathering, plan for 1–2 ounces of cheese per person. Pick 3 to 4 varieties that include an array of milks, styles and textures. As you’re perusing our Cheese department, keep these categories in mind:

  • Milk types: Common types include cow, goat, sheep, buffalo and mixed milks.

  • Styles and textures: Look for firm aged, soft-ripened, fresh and blue cheeses.

  • Seasonality: Ask your cheesemonger to show you what’s in season currently.

Our expert picks below cover the three major milk types (cow, goat and sheep milks), showcase multiple cheese styles and are at peak season during summer.

Once you’ve made your selections, don’t forget to ask your cheesemonger for tasting notes. Keep these handy in case your guests have questions (or you just want to show off your cheese IQ).

Step 3: Select Your Pairings.

Complementary nibbles can help bring out the flavors of each cheese. Include a favorite accoutrement with each guest in mind — fiery jams and spreads for the spice lover, pears and dates for the fruit lover, prosciutto and rillettes for the carnivore. Select something from each category. You can’t go wrong.

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy.

Unwrap cheeses one hour before serving. This allows for “breathing time,” which brings out the cheese’s aromatics and nuances. Arrange your cheeses and accoutrements on a rustic board or natural stone. Label each cheese and have your tasting notes handy so you can share them with your guests.

Step 5: Store with Care.

Cheese is alive! So handle it with care. Remove from plastic wrap once your cheese is back home and store in cheese paper (or wax paper) to avoid the cheese drying out or picking up other flavors.

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