Vegan Brunch Recipes

Brunch is a meal that everyone should be able to enjoy, so we’ve got plenty of vegan brunch recipes to get the whole group to the table on time.

Vegan brunch recipes aren’t just stand-ins for carnivores, they’re recipes that can hold their own in any mixed-diet crowd. From decadent French toast to beautiful vegetable presentations, vegan brunch recipes don’t need to be relegated to the side of the table.

To keep your brunch table balanced, choose a variety of recipes. There are options for those who like something sweet in the morning as well as those who prefer savory. Pancakes always make for an easy vegan brunch option, and tofu is an excellent swap for breakfast eggs.

Mushrooms are another excellent swap for meat. They are great in any scramble or hash, and hold their own in bread puddings. Or, you can try using eggplant, a vegan favorite.

There are even more vegan brunch options in our healthy breakfast collection, or start out brunch with a round of smoothies.

Recipe Rating: 2.79626
Vegan Almond French Toast
Recipe Rating: 4.01409
Eggplant "Bacon"
Recipe Rating: 3.05079
Mushroom-Potato Hash
Recipe Rating: 3.51438
Vegan "Hollandaise" Sauce
Recipe Rating: 3.55787
Veggie and Tofu Scramble
Recipe Rating: 3.46222
Recipe Rating: 3.77216
Recipe Rating: 3.18463
Recipe Rating: 3.73421
Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
Recipe Rating: 3.08624