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Rotisserie Chicken 10 Ways

By Molly Siegler, August 19, 2013  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Molly Siegler

Picking up a perfectly roasted and ready-to-eat chicken will make you feel like a true dinnertime hero. Rotisserie chicken is one of those instant meal savers that can be tailored to your family’s current cravings – tacos, soup, casseroles, salads and pot pies are all within reach.

Plus, our rotisserie chicken is 5-Step™ Animal Welfare rated and produced without antibiotics or growth hormones, making the choice even easier. (Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones when raising chickens, but we wouldn’t do that anyway.)  

Though whole rotisserie chicken is great as a premade main dish, giving you time to throw together a few easy sides, we love that one roasted chicken can supply multiple meals – making it a great value pick.

Shred, cube and repurpose the chicken for dinner tonight, then reserve plain leftovers for a chicken salad lunch tomorrow. Have freezer-safe resealable plastic bags on hand to store and freeze any unused chicken for meal saving later in the week.

Easy Chicken Burritos Summer Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Here are ten ways to make the most of a rotisserie chicken.

  • Shred chicken into a tortilla soup and serve with chopped red onion and plenty of cilantro.
  • Toss cubed chicken with whole wheat pasta, peas and mushrooms for a lightened-up Chicken Tetrazzini.
  • Layer chicken with corn tortillas, cooked veggies and cheese and bake for an easy enchilada-style casserole.
  • Sandwich shredded chicken and vegetables in a double whole wheat pie crust for an out-of-this-world pot pie.
  • Spread crisped-up corn tortillas with refried beans and top with shredded chicken, lettuce and avocado for festive and simple tostadas.
  • Finely dice chicken and mix with toasted almonds and cooked spinach then fold into a puff pastry square and bake for an easy hand-held spanakopita-style dish.
  • Layer a large flour tortilla with baby spinach and top with brown rice, corn and shredded chicken for these easy burritos.
  • Mix finely chopped chicken with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a handful of chopped fresh herbs and stuff into a pita with thinly sliced cucumbers.
  • Toss cubed or shredded chicken with cooked grains – we love rye berries and quinoa – and veggies (or fruit!) for the perfect main dish salad.
  • Enhance your favorite quiche recipe with the addition of shredded chicken.

Chicken Tetrazzini Quick Chicken Tostadas

What are your favorite ways to use rotisserie chicken? Share your tips and cooking suggestions in the comments section below. 




cathybrennan says ...
Shredded chicken over fresh green salad
08/21/2013 9:19:15 PM CDT
Laura Heath says ...
This article says your rotisserie chickens are 5-Step™ Animal Welfare rated; what step are they?
08/22/2013 9:19:12 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@LAURA - Our vendors for the chicken will vary between regions. Check with your local store to see what Animal Welfare step their chicken is rated.
08/22/2013 1:52:46 PM CDT
Paula says ...
I love the ideas. They are fast and easy to make. Thank you.
08/23/2013 3:37:43 PM CDT
Millie says ...
After a meal of just the plain rotisserie chicken,I make a chicken salad and put it in the Whole Foods croissants,and if I have any more I make a chicken quesadillas..
08/24/2013 11:36:32 AM CDT
melany says ...
i love shredding my chicken and putting it with whole weat pasta and feta cheese with a little bit of butter
08/28/2013 8:02:20 PM CDT
Beth Chamberlain says ...
I love these ideas. Are your rotisserie chickens gluten-free? I shop at the Chattanooga, TN Whole Foods. Many thanks! Beth Chamberlain
08/31/2013 5:52:30 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@BETH - It's best to check with the store directly to find out. While most are made in a kitchen that is not dedicated gluten free, we cannot claim they are GF. Check with your local store to find out for sure.
09/02/2013 2:38:07 PM CDT
Steph says ...
How long will the rotisserie chicken last in the fridge? (So you can use it throughout the week as mentioned).
10/14/2013 12:20:01 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@STEPH - Typically the fully cooked rotisserie chicken will last 3-4 days in the fridge after you purchase it. As stated above, freezing the items is also a great option to last even longer!
10/14/2013 5:36:48 PM CDT
Lynne says ...
These recipes all sound delish. ! BUT...There is ONE trick tho... NEVER combine Proteins with Starches..'Gluten Free' or not... Has anyone ever tried it?...Its NOT easy..But worth it... Your digestive system will thank you..!
12/23/2013 10:25:20 AM CST
Kevin says ...
Lynne's comments concerning 'Never' combine protein with starches is a blatant display of ignorance. Take the time to research currently known Science, and you will see this is one of many erroneous 'diet' suggestions. Multiple respected nutritionists have debunked this many times.
03/12/2014 7:04:33 PM CDT
Tracy says ...
Are these chickens injected with a sodium solution?
03/30/2014 2:25:47 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@TRACY - The exact preparations will differ between stores. Check with your local store so they can find out for you!
03/31/2014 3:58:51 PM CDT
Justine Burdo says ...
Hello, does tyour organic rotisserie chicken have salt in it? Thank you
04/15/2014 4:49:33 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@JUSTINE - This will probably be a spice included in the marinade of the chicken but the recipes will differ between stores. Check with your local store to see if there is an option of marinade or rub that does not use salt.
04/16/2014 4:33:16 PM CDT
Meg @ mrcandmeblog.wordpress.com says ...
I take all the meat off, use in a few meals (ie: chicken quesadillas, chicken with rice), then I take the bones/carcass and cook in my crockpot/slowcooker with carrots, celery, water, salt, pepper, onions - and create a delicious bone broth. Perfect for chicken noodle soup!
08/21/2014 1:41:59 PM CDT
Lu Poiry says ...
You need to send NE day only special sale notices out ahead of time. 1 /4 day ahead of time is not enough notice Most people are not last minute weekly shoppers. I like to take advantage of Fri Specials but would like more notice Ads here come out Wed AM & people shop early to avoid stores running out of specials. I realize it's Friday only but if I want to buy I need to make a special trip. Maybe that's your strategy!
08/21/2014 5:33:42 PM CDT
Marianne says ...
Yeah...I'm walking in to Whole Foods for a $5 chicken and coming out with $195 worth of other stuff!!! :)
08/21/2014 9:29:07 PM CDT
Kay says ...
I make a chicken and caramelized onion risotto. Caramelize onions (with bay leaf) and when they're done throw in the shredded chicken with some chicken stock so that the chicken absorbs moisture in this step versus when you add to risotto. While the onions are caramelizing, start a basic risotto recipe with chicken stock. When all is done add onions and chicken to risotto and finish with salt, pepper, butter and parmesan cheese all to taste. This is one of my favorite meals.
08/22/2014 10:39:15 AM CDT
Joyce Cruzat says ...
Believe it or not, Whole Foods is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch and late afternoon snacks. Although I haven't yet had the opportunity to purchase the rotisserie chicken, I know it will be a delicious treat for me and my family.
08/22/2014 12:18:15 PM CDT
Constantino says ...
I'm spend about $14.00 at my local Whole Foods for organic rotisserie chickens. How do I know that it is in fact organic? How can I tell the difference in the reg rotisserie chicken Whole Foods sells and the Organic since they are just in a paper bag? I understand that we don't know for sure that other products sold in many stores are for sure organic, even though certification is said to be strict. Side note: I'm a wanna be vegan :/ Thanks!
03/27/2015 4:45:12 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@CONSTANTINO - We are a certified organic grocer which means we have specific standards in place to make sure that once we receive organic products in our stores, it is then sold to the customer as organic without commingling with conventional products. You can find detailed info at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blog/your-certified-organic-grocery-store. The store should offer a sticker or wording on the rotisserie chicken if the one you are purchasing is organic. It should say so on the price/label. If you do not see a label or are unsure, just check with a team member in the store - they will be happy to let you know.
03/31/2015 4:33:26 PM CDT
Carla Rannie says ...
Is your Classic Rotisserie Chicken free range chicken?
05/21/2015 12:25:17 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@CARLA - The rotisserie chicken in each store will differ. Some locations offer organic varieties and some will be Step Rated (http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/mission-values/animal-welfare/5-step-animal-welfare-rating). Check with your local store to see what options they have in stock.
05/21/2015 4:36:02 PM CDT