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A Fresh Harvest of Sure Deals

Is the weather cooling down where you live? Here in Austin we’ve gone from a sweltering summer of triple-digit temps to what we now all consider the refreshingly cool high 90s. Hopefully, our outdoor thermometers will continue to dip because fall in central Texas really can be quite lovely. Even though we haven’t quite escaped the heat yet, we’re all itching to put aside the “no cook” recipes and fire up the burner to cook up a big pot of something. If you’re looking forward to some cool-weather cooking too, make sure your pantry is well stocked so you’ll be ready to whip up something warm when the cold front comes in. You can start by picking up these Sure Deals from the fall issue of The Whole Deal value guide. Frozen Responsibly Farmed Tilapia
  • You won't find tilapia like this just anywhere
  • Raised and processed according to strict aquaculture standards
  • No antibiotics or preservatives allowed!
$2.99, 6 oz Rumiano Organic Monterey Jack $4.99, 8 oz Whole Foods Market™ Organic Sesame Oil
  • Unrefined and expeller pressed
  • Add a nutty accent to salads and cooked grains
  • Great for stir-frying
$3.99, 8 oz Whole Foods Market™ Organic Pasta
  • Made in Italy with organic 100% durum wheat semolina
  • Slowly dried for authentic texture and flavor
  • Enjoy 15 different varieties
$1.99, 16 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Tea
  • Ready-to-drink convenience
  • Brewed with organic leaves from India and China
  • Meets our Whole Trade® Guarantee
  • Mint Green, Lemon Black, Peach Oolong or Mango Acai White
$1.39, 16 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Taco Shells
  • Turn taco night into a fiesta with our shells
  • Made from organic stone-ground corn masa
  • Crispy with robust corn flavor
  • Yellow or Blue Corn
$2.99, 12 ct 365 Everyday Value® Organic Tomato Juice
  • Brimming with the antioxidant lycopene
  • Enjoy it straight from the glass
  • Great for recipes
$2.99, 46 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Popcorn
  • A crunchy, satisfying snack
  • From a family-owned popcorn maker
  • Made in small batches
  • White Cheddar Cheese or Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn
$1.99, 4-6 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Herbs and Spices
  • Sourced from around the world
  • Our standards prohibit irradiating
  • Stock up for fall and the holidays
  • Cinnamon, Oregano, Garlic Powder, Basil, Turmeric, Cumin, Parsley, Minced Onion
$3.39, .24-2.56 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Hot Cocoa Mix
  • Irresistibly delicious organic cocoa
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Sourced to avoid GMOs
  • Milk Chocolate or Rich Chocolate
$3.99, 10-12 oz 365 Everyday Value® Organic Fig Bars
  • A classic treat gone organic
  • Made with organic figs
  • No artificial sweeteners
$3.49, 12 oz Organic Chèvre Fleurie
  • Soft-ripened goat cheese
  • Sourced from family farms
  • Great for sandwiches, salads, pasta and more
$5.99, 6 oz Three Beans Coffee
  • 100% Arabica whole bean coffee
  • Cans are made from 50% recycled content
  • Nitrogen-flushed packaging to preserve freshness
  • Light, Medium or Dark Roast
$4.99, 13-14 oz 365 Everyday Value® Maximum Moisture Body Lotion $5.99, 16 oz 365 Everyday Value® Chewable Kids Multi
  • Provides the essential vitamins and minerals
  • No artificial additives
$9.99, 120 ct 365 Everyday Value® Wax Paper
  • Reduce waste with no metal or plastic cutter edge
  • Stock up for seasonal baking
  • Great for fall craft projects, too!
$1.99, 75 sq. ft. Tenuta del Giaj Bianco Venice
  • A dry White with a slight almond taste
  • Made with organically grown grapes
  • Blend of Italian Tokai and Chardonnay grapes
$9.99, 750ml Tenuta del Giaj Rosso Venice
  • A Red with a spicy bouquet
  • Flavors hint of black cherry and plum
  • Blend of organically grown Italian Cabernet and Merlot grapes
$9.99, 750ml Paso A Paso Tempranillo
  • A Spanish Red made with organic grapes
  • Black cherry flavors
  • Supple tannins
$9.99, 750ml Paso A Paso Blanco
  • A Spanish White made with organic grapes
  • Light and refreshing
  • Flavor notes of lemon gooseberry
$9.99, 750ml Santa Julia Dulce Tinto
  • A sweet Red from Argentina.
  • Flavors of wild strawberry
  • Made with organically grown grapes
$9.99, 750ml We are prohibited by law from selling alcohol in some of our stores. Please see our list of stores that do sell alcohol or our list of stores that do not sell alcohol. Now, what to do with these Sure Deals? How about these nine budget-friendly fall recipes from The Whole Deal? In addition to these Sure Deals and tasty meals, The Whole Deal is also full of savings with over $48 in coupons and value tips. What’s your favorite fall meal?

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Mark Gorlick says …

Tenuta del Giaj Bianco Venice A dry White with a slight almond taste Made with organically grown grapes Blend of Italian Tokai and Chardonnay grapes I believe the grape is now known as friuliano no longer to Tokai to confuse it with the Hungarian grape... Tocai Friulano A long-fermenting international controversy over the name of this grape became formal in 1995 and became law in April, 2006: no more "Tocai". Fearing consumers would confuse the pale, light, dry table wines made from this variety grown in Italy's Friuli region with the golden, full, sweet dessert wine, Tokaji, that is their best-known wine, Hungary took the case to the European Union and prevailed.1 The decision also meant that the Alsatians of France could no longer call their wines (also mostly dry), made from the pinot gris variety, "Tokay d'Alsace".

Lisa Kadous says …

I am trying to find out if your store sells dried figs.... I tried to search your site for this product. It would be great if you had a section of your web page to search for the difficult to find products so that the consumer can minimize their errands.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@LISA - As a company we are decentralized so our exact products will differ between stores. We do not currently offer an online database of products. I would suggest calling your local store directly before you head over to make sure they have dried figs in stock.