Looking for a hard-to-find brew? Chances are, we’ve got it. Our beer buyers are laser-focused on sourcing the finest hyper-locals, crafts and internationals on the planet, which means remarkable variety for you. Welcome to our beer department – what’ll you have?

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Beer Lovers Unite

Beer pairing starts with selecting the right glass! Take a peek.

To Our Beer Buyers — A Toast!

They fuel our industry-leading selections of craft beers, ciders, sours, domestic stars, imported gems and beers you can’t find anywhere else. They sense trends before they’re trending, teaming up with unique brewers to offer the next exciting batch.

Our Manhattan beer buyers kicked off the company's growler trend. Now more than 40 of our stores have beer on tap, with take-home growlers available. And where did the idea for on-site breweries in our Houston and San Jose stores come from? Yep, our beer buyers. ¡Salud!

Summer’s “It” Beer

Try thirst-quenching Gose (pronounced GOES-uh) this summer. A German-style wheat beer, it’s crisp, sour, refreshing. Heaven with BBQ or fresh oysters!

Beer as Ingredient? Yes!

Gregarious and accommodating, beer makes magic happen when poured into recipes or teamed up with other players to make beer cocktails.

We are prohibited by law from selling alcohol in some of our stores.