How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro

Get helpful tips from the experts in our Floral department.

A colorful floral arrangement adds the perfect finishing touch to your dinner table, dessert bar or cocktail station. If you’re new to the art of flower arranging, it can feel a bit intimidating. To help you get started, we asked Global Flower Buyers for Whole Foods Market Kate Kennedy and Amanda Rainey to share their flower arranging secrets. Below, get their guide for buying the best flowers, arranging them handsomely and ensuring they look fresh and vibrant long after your last guest leaves.

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Pick the best flowers.

A stunning arrangement needs florist-quality flowers — and you’ll find just that in our Floral department. We source our flowers locally, throughout the United States and from around the world. Our Buying Team continuously seeks out new opportunities to source flowers that support workers, communities and the environment. Read more about our Whole Trade program opens in a new tab, which supports our commitment to ethical trade, working conditions and the environment.

Choose your color scheme.

To really go all out, match the colors of the flowers in your arrangement to your occasion. For the holidays, try a combination of green, white and red. For Easter, try pastels like washed-out pinks, yellows and purples mixed with white.

Trim the stems.

First, clear a clean work surface. Make sure your space isn’t under direct sunlight or heated vents (both can cause wilting).Use either sharp scissors or a blade and trim stems to your desired length. Your bouquet should be taller than the vase by about one and a half times. Cuts should be on the diagonal, so the stems have a bigger surface area to drink up the water.

Fill a clean vase with warm water.

Using warm water may sound counterintuitive, but it can help buds open faster. When you’re setting up for a party and you need your bouquet looking its very best, this trick can be lifesaving.

Start with greenery, end with blooms.

Place greenery or foliage first, then fill in with blooms, turning the vase as you work.

Recut stems and change the water often.

Change water every two to three days to lengthen the lifetime of your arrangement. And never store in the refrigerator, as your flowers will absorb its aromas!

Short on time? Our florists can help.

Find yourself in a time crunch? If you need a killer arrangement on the fly, pick up a premade arrangement or potted orchid in the Floral department. If you’d like to request specific colors or flowers, you can also place an order in-store and pick it up in 48 hours. We also do custom flower arrangements — just give us a call or visit your store to place an order.

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