4 Easy Ways to Reinvent Our Rotisserie Chicken

Hint: Hit the Produce department.

Think of rotisserie chicken as a blank slate for easy dinners. These chicken dinners are about as easy and relaxed as it gets. Just like summer should be. That’s because once you’ve got a rotisserie chicken in your fridge, the dinner potential is pretty much endless and without much hassle — you can keep things pretty low-key. Here are four super simple summer dinner ideas you can make with a rotisserie chicken to get you started.

Dinner #1: Chicken Dinner Salad

The difference between a dinner salad and a regular salad? You can (and should) go nuts with toppings on a dinner salad. Start with a 365 Everyday Value Salad Kit – they come in four flavors, including Asian Inspired, Spicy Ranch, Kale Caesar and Southwest. Pick your favorite and add some cut-up chicken to the mix. A dinner salad is a great way to use up other leftovers you have lying around the house, so get creative!

Dinner #2: Chicken-Veggie Pitas

For this, you’ll need some pulled, cubed or diced rotisserie chicken, pita bread and some vegetables (try the lettuce of your choice, carrots and cucumber). You’re also going to want a sauce: Take a couple tablespoons of siggi’s Icelandic Style Skyr Plain yogurt and add about half as much extra-virgin olive oil as yogurt, then sea salt and pepper to taste. Pile everything into a lightly toasted pita and drizzle with your yogurt sauce for a fresh, light dinner.

Dinner #3: Chicken Salad on Greens

For a fresher riff on the classic chicken salad, try serving it on salad greens. Simply shred some of the rotisserie chicken and combine it with a little bit of mayonnaise. You can add vegetables to your liking, as well, such as chopped celery, green onions or cherry tomatoes. Add fresh herbs if you’d like. Then, pick out your favorite variety of 365 Everyday Value Salad Kit, put the salad together and add some of the chicken salad on top.

Dinner #4: Chicken Grain Bowl

Who needs to eat out when you can make an Instagram-worthy grain bowl at home? Grain bowls are super easy to put together once you have the ingredients. Start with your favorite cooked grain – rice, maybe, or quinoa or farro – and put it in a bowl. Top with pieces of your rotisserie chicken, chopped seasonal vegetables, some fresh herbs, maybe some toasted nuts and some sliced avocado. You can even drizzle a bit of soy sauce or hot sauce over the top for extra flavor, if you like.

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