6 Unique Grapes You Need to Try ASAP

Peak-season grapes have arrived in our Produce department, but they won’t last for long. Learn all about them here, plus see our favorite ways to enjoy them.

What’s the ultimate lunch box staple or one-bite snack? Grapes! While you can find red, green and black grapes in our Produce department throughout the year, we also stock special varieties like Cotton Candy grapes and Gum Drop grapes for a limited time only. Discover these peak-season varieties from August to September. Enjoy them out of hand or try one of our delicious ideas and recipes to take them to the next level.

Even more unique grape varieties:

  • Sweet Carnival Grapes: Golden yellow skin with seedless flesh. Grown by Sunview Vineyards in California, this sunny variety reveals a cotton candy-like flavor with notes of burnt sugar. Enjoy sliced for crostini topped with goat cheese, prosciutto and arugula or popped into the freezer for a cold treat.

  • Thomcord Grapes: Deep purple to bluish black skin with seedless flesh. A hybrid of the Thompson Seedless and Concord grapes, this variety packs a vivid color and complex, sweet flavor similar to grape juice or jelly. Enjoy sliced on a peanut butter sandwich or blended into smoothies.

Visit the Produce department in your nearest Whole Foods Market store for a selection of peak-season grapes, plus more never-better-than-right-now produce.

*Must be 21+. Please drink responsibly.

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