Your Guide to Building a Dietary Supplement Routine

Ready to support your self-care? We’ve broken down what you need to know about taking dietary supplements, including our picks for your goals.

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If you’re hitting the gym or finding yourself more on the move, adding dietary supplements to your routine is an easy way to celebrate your well-being. Below, we’ve broken down what you need to know about taking various dietary supplements for your goals. As always, we don’t allow 140+ preservatives, flavors, colors and other ingredients in the dietary supplements we carry.

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What Are Dietary Supplements?

The FDA defines dietary supplements as “a product intended for ingestion that, among other requirements, contains a ‘dietary ingredient’ intended to supplement the diet.” Paired with a balanced diet, they can support your body’s systems.† Dietary supplements can come in various forms — e.g., tablets, capsules and powders — so it’s easy to find what works best for you.

Dietary Supplements to Hit Any Goal

You’re the captain of your own well-being journey. Whether you’re fueling up for a workout or looking to lean into self-care, we can help. Check out these Whole Body products for specific well-being goals.

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Dietary Supplements A to Z

From adaptogens to zinc, brush up on your dietary supplement knowledge to help you navigate our aisles with ease. Before taking any dietary supplement, be sure to check the label carefully for safety information and instructions for how and when to take it.


Adaptogens are associated with herbs, roots and other plants that are believed to help the body with stressors. Popular varieties include holy basil and ashwagandha. Adaptogens are more commonly found in capsules but can also be available in liquid and powder forms.

Our pick: Whole Foods Market Ashwagandha

Essential Fatty Acids†

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are believed to support your heart, brain and joints.† They’re found in food (like salmon and chia seeds), dietary supplements like fish oil and omega-3 capsules, and vegetarian sources such as algal oil.

Our pick: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 1280 mg Omega-3

Functional Dietary Supplements†

Give your favorite smoothies, overnight oats or baking recipes a boost by adding these foods — think chia seeds, turmeric powder, spirulina, acai and more.

Our pick: 365 by Whole Foods Market Chia Seeds


Multivitamins can help fill in nutrients that might be missing from your food intake. Look for our multivitamins formulated specifically for women and men.

Our pick: MegaFood Women’s One Daily


Probiotics are live microorganisms that help play an important role in digestion and supporting the immune system.† Look for probiotics in capsule, powder or liquid form.

Our pick: New Chapter Women’s Daily Probiotic

Protein Powders†

Protein powders offer an easy way to support muscles, joints and overall wellness. Find them in a variety of flavors from vanilla to salted caramel, so it’s easy to add them into smoothies, pancake batter and more.

Our pick: Ascent Whey Protein, Vanilla Bean


Certain types of mushrooms are traditionally used to support wellness as an ingredient in dietary supplements. Mushroom varieties like cordyceps, reishi and lion’s mane can be found in powder or capsule form as part of your daily routine.

Our pick: Om Mushroom Master Blend


An essential mineral, magnesium is associated with bone and muscle support.† It’s naturally present in foods like avocados, nuts and leafy greens.

Our pick: Solaray Magnesium Glycinate

Vitamin B†

This water-soluble vitamin can be found in various foods as well as dietary supplements. Vitamin B12 is required to help your central nervous system function, healthy red blood cell formation and DNA synthesis.†

Our pick: MaryRuth’s Organic Methyl B12 Spray

Vitamin C†

This nutrient, which acts as an antioxidant in the body, supports the immune system and digestion.† Find it in capsules, oral sprays and supplements.

Our pick: Garden of Life Raw Vitamin C

Vitamin D†

This fat-soluble vitamin has various roles in the body, like supporting bone health and immune system function.†

Our pick: 365 by Whole Foods Market Vitamin D3 Gummies

Wellness Shots†

These liquid shots deliver a convenient solution for vitamins when you’re on the go. Look for them in a variety of flavors from ginger to elderberry.

Our pick: Vive Organic Pure Boost Ginger Shot

Women’s Care†

A variety of supplements can help support women through different stages in their life. From prenatal vitamins to perimenopause support, consult with your healthcare provider on what supplements may benefit you through your current stage.

Our pick: Wile Perimenopause Support


This key nutrient supports one’s immune system. We offer it in capsule and liquid form. Zinc is also naturally present in meat, shellfish and legumes.

Our pick: New Chapter Zinc Food Complex

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