Eco-Scale™: Giving New Meaning to Cleaning
Our commitment to greener cleaners

You use cleaning products every day for dishes, clothing, bedding and more, and you may want to know what’s in them. Even for “natural cleaning products,” there are no regulations for listing ingredients on packaging – except at Whole Foods Market®. We developed the Eco-Scale rating system that, among other things, requires that every ingredient be listed.

The Eco-Scale Rating System
We believe in transparency. Our rating system makes it easy for you to choose how “green” you want to go when it comes to cleaning products. We also believe in doing our part to encourage a more eco-friendly household products industry.
Ingredients We Don’t Allow in Cleaners
You may have heard about potential issues related to phosphates, phthalates and other ingredients common in conventional cleaning products. So have we. Each level of our Eco-Scale rating system prohibits specific ingredients, and even those with the lowest rating far exceed the ingredient standards you’ll find most anywhere else.
Ingredients We Don’t Allow in Cleaners