Whole Foods Market Single Origin Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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New! Cook, drizzle and dip your way around the world! Each olive oil is unique for different culinary uses. Try our cold processed extra virgin olive oils of Chile, Portugal, Sicily, Greece, and Seville.

Portugal: Made exclusively with Arbequina olives grown in Portugal, this oil owes its distinctive character to rich soil that has cultivated olives for thousands of years. Fruity yet smooth with notes of fresh almonds, this oil is best used raw in order to preserve its delicate properties.

Seville: Made exclusively with Hojiblanca variety olives, this oil is a favorite in the Spanish kitchen for its performance in pan sautéing and even baking. It is slightly sweet with a smooth finish and a subtle aftertaste reminiscent of almonds.

Greece: Made exclusively with Koroneiki variety olives which are native to Southern Greece, this oil is wonderfully flavorful with a complex aroma of olives and herbs. With a notably fruity taste and a perfectly peppery finish, this oil is best enjoyed in its raw state or as a finishing oil.

Sicily: An intense flavor and aroma is achieved by blending three of Sicily’s prized olive varieties, Biancolilla, Nocellara and Cerasuola. The result is a medium fruity oil with grassy notes reminiscent of tomato leaves that is best drizzled over bruschetta, grilled fish or vegetables.

Chile: Chile is a relatively new but ideal climate for olive cultivation, ideally suited to the mélange of varietals used in this blend. This full-bodied oil, with notes of green tomatoes and fresh vegetables, is excellent for dipping. It is delightfully bitter with a spicy finish.  




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