Our Organic Commitment to You

Whether it's our organic grocer certification or stocking 20,000 organic products and counting across our stores, learn how we go above and beyond the average retailer.

Organic Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries

With over 20,000 organic products across more than 500 stores (and counting), and rigorous standards so that organic stays organic from farm to cart, our passion for organics is on display in more shapes, sizes and aisles. So let’s get into the details of what our commitment means to you.

Produce department at whole foods market

We meet specific requirements to earn organic grocer certification every year.

We verify that organic food does not touch conventional on its journey from suppliers to you. Once through our doors, we properly store, prepare and display. Behind the counter, team members put special attention into preparing equipment and surfaces for contact. And all of the organic ingredients we use in our kitchens — from flour to eggs to blueberries — are certified organic.

organic green vegetables in whole foods market produce department

We don’t allow organic products to touch conventional ones.

Team members stock produce so that organic and conventional produce don’t touch, they thoroughly clean equipment used to cut meat and cheese before organic orders, and prep organic foods in the kitchen with dedicated cutting surfaces and tools. Every step in the process is documented.

organic beauty and body care products

We require organic claims on our body care products to be backed up by third-party certification.

Organic goes beyond the plate. Our quality standards say if an organic beauty or body care product isn’t USDA or NSF certified, it cannot feature an organic claim on the front of the packaging. For you, that means your organic lip balm is actually organic lip balm.

shopping cart in whole foods market store

We carry a total of 20,000 unique organic products in our stores.

From organic apples to organic chicken to organic cotton underwear — there’s more than you might expect. Plus, we’ve developed over 1,000 certified organic 365 by Whole Foods Market options. Start exploring the shelves for your new favorites — we’re adding great options all the time.

Ready to fill the cart? Plan ahead by browsing your store’s assortment of organic offerings before you visit.

Whole Foods market storefront

We’re the first and only certified organic national grocery store.

Our standards include rules for how the products we sell are sourced, grown, stored, handled and labeled. Being the only certified organic national retailer takes effort, but it’s at the heart of what we believe in: selling the highest-quality organic foods. The process is intensive, requiring an annual third-party inspection of every store and facility to meet strict criteria.

Suppliers With a Passion for Organics

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