Our Hanukkah Favorites

Whether you’re making it all from scratch or need a few shortcuts, get our list of must-have products — from candles to chocolate coins — and recipes to celebrate Hanukkah.

Jam-Filled Coconut Donuts

Jam-Filled Coconut Donuts opens in a new tab

Have you stocked up on kosher seasonal staples yet? Hanukkah is around the corner, so plan now in order to enjoy the holiday with friends and family later.

Check out our roundup of Hanukkah recipes opens in a new tab for tasty inspiration, including Potato Latkes opens in a new tab, Garlic-Roasted Beef Brisket opens in a new tab, Jam-Filled Coconut Donuts opens in a new tab and more. Hungry and ready to plan now? Here are our picks for your shopping list:

Broth to Brag About

The secret behind any good soup, stuffing or savory meat dish is a quality broth. Our pick is Imagine Organic Kosher Chicken Broth, made from free-range chicken and prepared with care, resulting in a delicious base for your holiday cooking needs.

Savory Staples

Don’t forget to the Hanukkah candles and these essentials too:

  • Streit’s Spelt Matzo Ball and Matzo Ball Soup Mix are holiday favorites now with a new twist — a spelt option!

  • Zeta Extra Virgin Olive Oils pick the olives from some of the oldest orchards on earth, including orchards on Mount Carmel, ancient orchards on the Jerusalem Mountains and on the Hills of Galilee. The olives are handpicked at the optimal time and first cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting for a delicious kosher olive oil.

  • Streit’s Stuffing Mixes come in three flavors: Original, Whole Wheat and Savory Herb, offering something for everyone at your table. They contain no preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

  • Season Sardines Skinless and Boneless in Oil. There’s nothing fishy about these wild-caught (using zero bycatch net) sardines. Bonus points for an easy open lid!


Grab Kedem Biodynamic Organic Grape Juice. This kosher treat has no added sugars or sulfites, and it’s grown on a biodynamic farm in New York State. For dessert, Califia Farms Peppermint Mocha Cold Brew Coffee with Almond Milk is a smooth-tasting cold-brew coffee blended with almond milk that is vegan and kosher. Enjoy it hot or cold for a minty pick-me-up!

Kosher Bird is The Word

Select stores offer kosher poultry options from Kosher Valley, including fresh and frozen whole young turkeys and chickens and freshly ground chicken and turkey, which are all processed under the strict supervision of the Orthodox Union and the Rabbinate of Kehal Adas Yeshrun of Washington Heights. Additionally, our fresh chicken and turkey 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rat opens in a new tabed opens in a new tab and from animals raised with no antibiotics, ever.

Potato Latkes

Potato Latkes opens in a new tab

Sweet Treats for All

Indulge in treats! An easy dessert option after a filling meal, a sweet gift for little ones or an on-the-go pick-me-up are the Divine Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Coins. They are kosher and come wrapped in gold and copper or blue and silver for a festive touch.

Another crowd-pleasing option is the Harrison’s Original Sweet Shoppe Jelly Rings, which are lactose free, kosher and contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Look for their fair trade Baking Chocolate Chips and Fruit Smiles too.

Traditional Favorites

Streit’s Israeli Couscous is a simple side dish prepared in only 10 minutes! It’s new, and made in Israel. Gefen Gluten Free Noodles are made without eggs, corn, rice or soy, are imported from Israel and come in six shapes to enjoy. 

We know you want to serve your loved ones the best, and we have you covered. Our Quality Standards opens in a new tab mean no hydrogenated fats and no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

Your turn! What item always makes it on your Hanukkah list? What’s new this year on your list?

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