4 Expert-Approved Beer and Sausage Pairings

Why trek to Oktoberfest when you have this guide? Get perfectly paired combinations from Certified Cicerone Angela McMaster.

Best advice for an optimal Oktoberfest experience? Go to Germany. Second best advice? Avoid the elbow-to-brat crowds and “tapped out” beer pull signs at local establishments and create your own Oktoberfest. Combine our expert curation of the best beers to pair with the best sausages (with no antibiotics, ever) and our world-class selection of prepared sides, mustards, buns and pretzels, and your party is looking as legit as Munich on a fall night. First, let’s start with some beer pairings. Certified Cicerone Angela McMaster, one of our beer and wine buyers, shared her recommendations.

Bier Brat and Weihenstephaner

“Olympia Provisions’ version of the classic German sausage features warm spices (nutmeg, white pepper, a hint of ginger) that pair up nicely with a number of Weihenstephaner brews out of Bavaria. Weihenstephaner, the world’s oldest brewery, makes a traditional Hefeweissbier with classic clove and banana notes that would be a great pair or, if you’re looking for some stark contrast, go with their full-bodied, dark Korbinian or the dark, fruity sweetnessof their Hefeweissbier Dunkel. Better yet, they’ve partnered with Sierra Nevada to help make Sierra’s Oktoberfest —it’s a perfect match with this and most German sausages.”

Bauernwurst and Negra Modelo

“This coarsely ground pork sausage is rustic, bold and spicy, seasoned with whole mustard seed, fresh garlic and black pepper. At the risk of sounding distinctly un-Oktoberfesty, I like the smooth, malty flavor of a Negra Modelo here. Yes, Modelo is a Mexican brewery, but it’s one of the only ones in the world still crafting a classic Vienna-style lager. The light touch of sweetness makes a great partner with spicier sausage.“

Käsekrainer and Spaten

“Gooey chunks of Emmentaler cheese (käse is German for cheese) and the richness of the pork benefits from a clean-drinking lager, and for that I suggest Spaten Lager. Spaten also makes a wonderful, traditional Oktoberfest, but I think the lager will lend balance to the hearty, rich flavors in the sausage and offer great contrast with its snappy, crisp aftertaste.”

Dunkelwurst and Samuel Adams Octoberfest

“Dunkelwurst is coarsely ground, hearty and Dunkelwurst is coasely ground, hearty and flavored with heavy stout beer. This one calls for the highly anticipated and crowd-pleasing Octoberfest from Samuel Adams. Featuring tons of caramel and malty toasty flavors, it’s a perfect fall beer and an easy choice with sausages. Once Oktoberfest is done, try tailgating with this great combo —you will have many happy diners.”

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