Vegan Christmas Dinner Menu

This holiday dinner menu is a showstopper — featuring vegan Christmas recipes such as a rich mushroom soup and chocolate mousse with flavors to impress everyone: vegan, vegetarian or omnivore. Start with a pretty, easy appetizer of creamy roasted red pepper dip, then serve up the perfect vegan entrée, Swedish Milletballs, with earthy mushroom soup and a creamy mash. Not planning to cook? Order delectable holiday meals for pickup at your nearest store.

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Muhammara Red Pepper Dip Recipe

Muhammara Spiced Red Pepper Dip

Enjoy this fiery-red roasted pepper dip with colorful slices of raw radishes, carrots, cucumbers and Romanesco cauliflower.

Mixed Mushroom Soup

This easy soup gets wonderful flavor and texture from a mix of cooked and raw mushrooms.

Recipe: Swedish Milletballs

Swedish Milletballs

This meatless alternative to classic Swedish meatballs uses puréed walnuts to make a rich and creamy sauce.

Recipe: Warm Winter Greens Salad

Warm Winter Greens Salad

Sautéed curly endive and radicchio make the base of this vibrant salad, while capers, olives, currants, pine nuts and orange zest add flavor.

Recipe: Celery Root Mash

Celery Root Mash

Celery root blends perfectly with potatoes to create an alternative to traditional mashed potatoes.

Chocolate Mousse

This delicious mousse is easy to prepare the day before. Just chill in individual ramekins and add your toppings before serving.