Have You Tried the Hottest Food Trend of 2019?

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Peppers are popping up nearly everywhere. Whether it’s in perked-up comfort food, modern Middle Eastern fare or classic Mexican meals, we’re no longer just talking about jalapeños and paprika. The latest generation of nicely spiced ingredients available at our markets is a practical A-to-Z guide (okay, A to U, ranging from Árbol to Urfa biber).

You don’t have to eat them straight up to feel the heat, though. New products infused with peppers from around the globe are hitting shelves every month that allow you to try the trend in both mild and wild ways. Put some pep in your step with these 11 new food finds.

Whole Foods Market Calabrian Pepper – Infused Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Falling on the mid-range of the Scoville scale, the Calabrian peppers that brighten this oil are spicy without being scorching.

Try it: Trade it for standard EVOO in bruschetta for a spicier snack or twirled in pasta to give dinner a kick.

Whole Foods Market Spicy Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce with Calabrian Chiles
Classic Italian arrabbiata combines tomatoes, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes and extra-virgin olive oil. This medium-hot pasta partner features dried Calabrian chiles and a mix of Mediterranean herbs and aromatics (basil, oregano, garlic).

Try it: Toss with noodles or zoodles for a perked-up pasta dinner.

365 Everyday Value Organic Hot Pepper Jelly Pretzel Pieces
These medium-hot baked sourdough pretzels taste like the best accessories from your charcuterie spread: crunchy like crackers and with flavors that give a nod to mustard and pepper jelly.

Try it: Elevate homemade snack mixes by using these in place of plain salted pretzels.

Whole Foods Market Goat Cheese with Pasilla Chile Peppers & Organic Honey
For a no-sweat way to dip your toe in the pepper trend, give this creamy goat cheese a go.

Try it: Crumble over roasted carrots or sweet potato wedges for a side that’s earthy, spicy and sweet all at once.

365 Everyday Value Bloody Mary Cocktail Mix
On those weekend mornings when the alarm didn’t wake you up quite well enough, shake up a cayenne pepper — spiced Bloody Mary to sip on alongside your scrambled eggs and pancakes. With juice from tomatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, beets, lettuce, watercress and spinach, this mix supplies a surprising amount of fiber.

Try it: Mix a serving with 2 ounces of vodka for an ultra-easy brunch cocktail (or an equal amount of sparkling water for a mocktail). Feeling tangy? Give this mix a shot with a two-to-one ratio of vodka to pickle brine.

365 Everyday Value Organic Southwest Jalapeño Ranch Pretzel Pieces
Think of these crunchy sourdough pretzels like jalapeño poppers in crunchy bite-sized packable, snackable form.

Try it: Crush and coat chicken or whitefish for a standout semi-homemade breading.

365 Everyday Value Ghost Pepper Cashews
Ghost peppers (one of the hottest on the planet) are balanced out with a pinch of sugar and naturally sweet tomato powder so you can enjoy a handful of these roasted nuts without getting burned.

Try it: Chop and sprinkle over curries or stir-fries for crunch that cranks up the heat.

365 Everyday Value Cherry Pasilla BBQ Sauce
Earthy and mild pasilla peppers blend well with sweet cherry juice and tomato puree in this molasses-spiked sauce.

Try it: Incorporate ¼ cup sauce into 2 pounds of ground meat, plus your favorite seasonings, to beef up the juiciness and impart more flavor in burger patties. Shape into six to eight burgers.

365 Everyday Value Aji Amarillo Ketchup
Dried aji amarillos, medium-hot yellow peppers common in Peruvian cooking, add kick to this condiment.

Try it: Make over meatloaf by topping it with an equal amount of Aji Amarillo Ketchup as an alternative to standard tomato ketchup.

365 Everyday Value Spicy Pimento Cheese Potato Chips
These tangy-sweet red peppers star in a classic Southern spread. These cheddar-laced chips flip that idea into a salty snack.

Try it: Crumble over mac and cheese casserole for a double dose of dairy deliciousness.

365 Everyday Value Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn
Popcorn is good. Salted popcorn is even better. But how about salted popcorn dusted in real cheddar cheese and lightly spicy jalapeño peppers?

Try it: Crisp up a couple slices of bacon and sprinkle over a bowl of this popcorn for the ultimate movie snack.

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