Whole Trade Helps Real People

Thanks to your purchases of Whole Trade products and the commitment of Whole Trade farmworkers to their own communities, tangible improvements in people’s lives are happening every day. 

Whole Trade Flowers Help Real People.

"I used to spend my free time doing laundry for my family in the rivers with very cold water. I had very little free time. Now thanks to the washers and dryers project from the sales of Whole Trade roses, I can bring my laundry to work during working hours and take care of washing and drying my clothes for me and my family."
—Lucía, rose farmworker, Ecuador


Whole Trade Mangoes Help Real People.

"Before [Whole Trade], we sold to the 'vulture.' Now we get more money. It's a beautiful program. We like getting the payment in between harvests because it makes people think of the value of the mango tree. We used to cut down mango trees for wood. Now the tree has value."
—Remond, mango farmer, Haiti


Whole Trade Bell Peppers Help Real People.

"I am very thankful for all the opportunities I have had here, particularly the chance to study."
—Andres, bell pepper farmworker, Mexico

Andres is the recipient of a Whole Trade-sponsored employee scholarship, which provides him a stipend as he furthers his education.