Whole Trade Guarantee Videos

Whole Trade Overview

A brief roses'-eye view of Whole Foods Market’s Whole Trade program. Products that wear the label — flowers, fresh produce, coffee, sugar and more — must meet high-quality standards and a commitment to better wages and working conditions, environmental responsibility and worker-determined community improvement projects.

Whole Trade Campos Borquez Asparagus

Whole Foods Market sources Whole Trade asparagus from Campos Borquez in Sonora, Mexico. Workers at Campos Borquez voted to invest Whole Trade community development funds into a dental clinic and an optometry clinic for farmworkers and their families.

Whole Trade Flowers Help Real People

Whole Trade flowers provide funds that go directly into important community programs. Those few extra dollars end up funding first homes for families, children attending school, community art programs, medical and dental treatments and an overall improvement in the quality of life of workers, their families and their community.

Whole Trade Haitian Francis Mangoes

Whole Foods Market is the sole buyer of Fair Trade Certified mangoes from Haitian growers, sometimes buying from a family with just one tree. The Whole Trade Guarantee ensures growers receive equitable pay — a key point since this mango crop is a major source of income for many of these families.

Whole Trade "On the Farm" in Haiti

Each year since 2010, our produce buyers have visited Haiti to check in with some of the thousands of small farmers who grow Whole Trade Haitian mangoes. Check out this compilation of video footage from visits over the years.

Whole Trade "On the Farm" in Costa Rica

A Whole Foods Market produce team checks in on fruit quality and fair trade project progress at our primary Whole Trade organic pineapple farm in Costa Rica.

Whole Trade "On the Farm" in Mexico

Whole Foods Market produce team scout for new Whole Trade suppliers in Mexico in 2011.

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