Product Selection FAQ

Are your products kosher?

Not all of our Private Label products are kosher, but many of them are. We keep documentation on file for all certified kosher products, but at this time do not specifically use kosher certification as sourcing criteria. Whole Foods Market is not privy to, or responsible for, kosher certification of local, regional or national products not manufactured under our auspices.

Why do you pack your products in plastic rather than glass?

We use plastic for several reasons. It keeps the product as fresh as glass and its lower physical weight makes it less expensive and more environmentally friendly to transport. It's also a safer product for both our guests and our team members to handle.

We are very concerned about the environment and encourage guests to recycle. We use Polyethylene Terephthalate, or PETE (the most widely recyclable plastic) whenever possible, and we label our products with the appropriate recycle number to encourage proper recycling.

Why was my favorite Private Label product discontinued?

There are many reasons that go into the decision to discontinue a product. Hundreds of new products are presented to us every day; therefore, the mix of products in each category is continually evolving. We evaluate attributes like value, quality, taste and convenience when we make the decision to accept or discontinue a product. Most often a product is discontinued to make room for a new product that offers a better combination of these attributes or due to the lack of interest.

Why is my favorite Private Label product out of stock?

We work with all our manufacturers to ensure that out of stocks are kept to a minimum; unfortunately, issues outside of our control can occasionally cause out of stock issues. All ordering for Whole Foods Market is done on a regional level, so please keep in communication with your store leadership to determine restock dates.

Who makes your Private Label products?

We source all of our products from outside manufacturers; however, the identity of these manufacturers is proprietary information.