Seasonal Money-Saving Tips


Try out these money-saving tips so you can conquer the lunch and dinner frenzy without financial fallout. And make sure to check out our budget-friendly recipes and coupons.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Warmer Weather

  • Budget barista. Save some bucks by making your own iced coffee. Use leftover a.m. coffee to make coffee ice cubes and avoid dilution.
  • Give up the bottle. DIY vinaigrette is easy to tinker with and customize. Beyond salad, use it as a marinade or veggie dip.
  • Smooth operator. A smoothie is a great vehicle for healthy leafy greens, berries and beverages already in your fridge.
  • Stay in for pizza. Use what you have and try flatbread or English muffins. Replace red sauce with barbeque sauce and top with leftover cooked chicken, red onion and cheese.
  • Yours takes the cake. Be the star of the party by making your own cake. Impress with this five-ingredient Melted Gelato Summer Cake or decorate a simple frosted cake with beautiful seasonal berries.
  • Pesto change-o! Make your own pesto with raw herbs or greens, nuts from the bulk section, a hard cheese, lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Envision “whirled peas.” Make simple hummus and get creative by adding flavor with what you have on hand — herbs, spices, grilled veggies or artichoke hearts.
  • Make your own granola. It’s easier than you might think!
  • Morning convenience. Store a batch of wholesome muffins in the freezer. Thaw individual muffins overnight in the fridge for the morning grab before camp, work or a daytrip.
  • Tea for two …or more! Peach-Berry Iced Tea is deliciously refreshing at brunch, or pack it into your picnic basket.