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10 Ways to Say Cheers on Cinco de Mayo

Get the Recipe: Watermelon Agua Fresca Recipe

While Cinco de Mayo is not yet celebrated in all parts of the United States, many people use this holiday that marks the Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla as an excuse to get started on the patio-party season.

Cinco de Mayo is a great time to celebrate the delicious Mexican foods that have become staples here, like tacos, salsas, guacamoles and spicy bean dishes. What better way to wash those meals down than with beverages with Mexican influence?

Go beyond the margarita to find a truly special drink to serve up this Cinco de Mayo. We’ve got options that are fit for adults and kids, so your fiesta can be an all-ages affair. With fruit infusions and new ways to serve up cerveza, this May 5 no one needs to go thirsty.

Pineapple-Chile Water with Mint Recipe

Save bits and pieces from salsa-making to make this infused water with spicy twist.

Texas Snakebite Recipe

Beer gets a flavor boost with the addition of a homemade syrup spiked with peppers.

Melon Seed Agua Fresca Recipe

Agua fresca is a treat for the whole family. It’s quite easy to make, too!

The Hibiscus Shandy Recipe

Hibiscus, also called Jamaica, is popular in Mexican desserts and drinks, adding floral sweetness.

Brown Rice Horchata with Cinnamon and Orange Recipe

Don’t wait until Cinco de Mayo to make a batch of this horchata, which can be served hot or cold.

Spicy Beer Cocktail Recipe

Some like it hot – these beer cocktails are perfect for those who seek fiery tastes.

Tropical Mango Sparkler Recipe

Juicy mango is wonderful in drinks. You can use sparkling wine or sparkling water to mix, depending on your guest list.

Minted Lime Freeze Recipe

These cool nonalcoholic drinks are reminiscent of margaritas, with a blast of fresh mint.

Strawberry-Lemon Soda Recipe

Seasonal strawberries make this easy soda drink something for everyone to look forward to.

What do you like to serve up for Cinco de Mayo? Share your favorites in the comments!