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12 Ways to Enjoy Strawberries

Is there anything more amazing than a basket of sweet, perfectly ripe strawberries? I don’t think so.

Berry Good for You

Nutritionally speaking, strawberries get high marks! They support heart health and are packed with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols, which help keep cholesterol levels healthy. Eating just eight strawberries gives your body more vitamin C than an orange while also providing manganese and fiber. Strawberries are naturally low in sodium, low in calories and, like most fruits and vegetables, do not contain cholesterol or fat.

Caring for Your Berries

To get the berry best out of your strawberries, look for firm red berries with no mushy spots. Store them in the refrigerator, but keep them dry. Don’t wash until ready to eat, and serve at room temperature for sweeter fragrance and greater flavor. Freeze ‘em to enjoy in smoothies and recipes later.

What Will You Do With All Those Strawberries?

Of course they’re perfect in fruit salads, cereals, and smoothies, but that’s just the beginning. They add charm, flavor and good nutrition to everything from breakfast to main dishes, salads and desserts. Try these twelve sensational ideas:

How do you make the most of summer's sweet strawberries?